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Careers Week

When it comes to careers, pupils today must navigate an ever-changing landscape of opportunities. With this in mind, our 4ths (S3) participated in Careers Week and were introduced to several professions including Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Business, Film, History, Law, Marketing, Physics, Product Design, Property Development and Robotics.

Guided by professionals, the pupils dove into group projects and presented findings to classmates at the end of each day. Fun and fascinating, each group presentation was informative and enlightening—from the multitude of professions connected to History to facial recognition in product design.

Sincere thanks to our exceptional Careers team, Alan Patterson and Vicky Hansen, and all the professional volunteers who took time from their busy schedules to run the workshops. It would not have been possible without Laura Banks and team, Hope Dickson Leach, Ewan Dods, Claire Hancox, Keith Hardie, Gemma Hare, Jonathan Lisher, Don Lowe, Dr Alistair McConnell, Paulina Mustafa, Victoria Neaves and Mark Thomson.

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