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The Edinburgh Academy has an unrivalled reputation amongst Scottish schools for its music education. Excellence is the norm whether it is in choral singing or the playing of a wide variety of instruments.

The Senior School has facilities for many kinds of music, and pupils are actively encouraged to learn an instrument and to sing in the Choir. Time is allowed for weekly Orchestra, Concert Band and Choir practices in the lunch break and activity periods, and all pupils learning an orchestral instrument beyond beginner level play in either the Junior or Senior Orchestra or Concert Band. The Choir consists of some 100 singers; it performs mainly large-scale Choral works and leads the singing in the Carol Service. The Chamber Choir is a selected smaller group; rehearsals are held on Tuesday to Friday mornings from 8.15am to 8.45am. The String Orchestra and the Big Band also rehearse each week; and Chamber Groups meet regularly during the mid-week Activity periods, before school, and during lunch breaks. 

The Chamber Choir has recently won the title of British School Choir of the Year and the BBC Songs of Praise Choir of the Year award.

There is a team of resident and visiting teachers covering every orchestral instrument, guitar, piano and the organ. The School has a selection of instruments that pupils may hire for a limited period, and we can make arrangements to buy or hire other instruments as needed.


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