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Fees & Additional Costs 2024–25

Tuition fees are reviewed annually, normally in the Spring and any increase is applied from the start of the Autumn Term. Lunch charges are reviewed in August each year.

What the Fee Covers

  • Activities (teacher-led)
  • Curricular Tuition
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Expenses not included in fee


  • Books (Included in Junior School tuition fee)
  • Educational day trips and residential trips
  • iPads / Laptops
  • Lunch
  • Music Tuition (individual)
  • National Qualification Exams
  • Sports kit / Uniform


  • Activities (non teacher-led)
  • Holiday Club
  • Music Tuition
  • Transport
  • Trips
  • Wrap Around Care

Application & Joining Fees

Application Fee £100.00
Non-refundable Nursery Joining Fee £50.00
Non-refundable Joining Fee (Primary 1–7ths) £350.00


Year Group Fee
2nds to 7ths £18,813
Geits (P7) £15,360
P5 to P6 £14,247
P3 to P4 £13,755
P1 to P2 £11,658


Nursery Fee
Nursery: Maple, Rowan & Spruce Rooms (3–5 year olds)  
Full Time £12,105
Mornings Only (minimum of 5 mornings) £7,713
Nursery: Beech Room (Rising 3 year olds)  
Full Time £15,744
Mornings Only (minimum of 5 mornings) £9,078
Nursery: Willow Room (2 year olds)  
Full Time £15,744
5 Mornings £9,078
4 Mornings £7,263
3 Mornings £5,447
2 Mornings (minimum of 2 mornings) £3,632

(The minimum attendance requirement for the Maple, Spruce, Rowan and Beech rooms is five mornings. Willow is a minimum of 2 mornings. For parents wishing a combination, for example 5 Mornings and 3 Afternoons, the Fees will be calculated on a Pro Rata basis.)

Termly School fees are payable in advance by monthly or termly direct debit. The account for extras is rendered at the end of each term. Interest is charged on late payments. Payment may also be made with Childcare Vouchers for Afterschool care, Holiday Clubs and Nursery fees (excludes activities run by AccessEA).

Information on funding School fees is also available from SCIS, the Independent Schools Information Service, 1 St Colme St, Edinburgh EH3 6AA. Tel: 0131 556 2316.

The School reserves the right to vary the contract with parents. At least a full term’s notice of any variation will be provided.

For further information please contact the Admissions Department (admissions@edinburghacademy.org.uk) or the Accounts Department (eafeebilling@edinburghacademy.org.uk).

All fees stated are exclusive of VAT if any. Currently, fees are exempt from VAT.

iPads and Laptops

The leasing scheme for parents will be charged a technology supplement along with the school fees of £99 per year (£33 per term). This will be billed in the same way as fees.

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer two variations of a laptop suitable for school use. These can be purchased for the price of £590 or £700 respectively.

Visit the ICT section in the Parent Guide for more information on technical requirements for your child.

Lunch Charges

Year Group Daily
Senior School £5.34
Junior School P4–P6 £4.79
Junior School P1–P3 £4.72
Nursery £4.23

Lunch Charges are billed with school fees and will be charged for lunches at the start of each term, based on the number of school days in that term. No rebate will be provided for any day the child does not attend school.

Music Tuition

Music Lessons & Instrument Hire

Tuition Fee
Junior School / 30-Minute lesson £22.50
Senior School / 40-Minute lesson £30.00
Instrument Hire* / per term £30.00

*The school has a stock of certain instruments that pupils can hire, usually before buying their own.

Charges are reviewed annually. For more information, see the Parent Guide: Co-Curricular / Senior School Music and Academic Matters / Junior School Music.


Bus routes, timings and fees

Waverley Station Evening Drop-off

Pick-up Point Time Cost / Day
Entrance to Playing Fields (Kinnear Road) 17:15 £1.50

Musselburgh / Portobello Route

This route is currently not running due to lack of take up but will be reviewed should demand increase.

Eskbank / Southside Route

Pick-up Point Time Cost / Day
Car Park opposite Dobbies 7:30 £3.00
Captain Road X Roads
Howdenhall Road (opposite xmas Tree House)
7:45 £2.75
Bus stop opposite Travel Lodge 7:50 £2.75
Craigmillar Park Church 7:55 £2.75
Bottom of Hanover Street 8:00 / 8:05 £1.75
EA Senior School Drop-off (Brandon Terrace Bus Stop) 8:15 £1.50
EA Junior School Drop-off  8:20  

Winchburgh / Barnton Route

Pick-up Point Time Cost / Day
Winchburgh (Opposite Scotmid) 7:05 £4.00
Kirkliston (Road to South Queensferry, old cottage at traffic lights before new houses) 7:10 £4.00
Barnton shops 7:30 £3.00
Corner Essex Road/Whitehouse Road 7:32 £3.00
Gamekeepers Road 7:35 £3.00
Davidsons Mains (Tesco’s) 7:40 £3.00
Post Box on Craigcrook Road (March Road) 7:50 £3.00
Murrayfield Avenue 8:00 £2.00
Ravelston Dykes 8:05 £2.00
EA Senior School 8:15  
EA Junior School 8:25  

North Berwick Morning Route

Pick-up Point Time Cost / Day
North Berwick Train Station  7:00 £4.50
Drem Station 7:10 £4.50
Haddington Mercat Hotel 7:25 £4.00
Tranent Gladsmuir Lay-by 7:35 £4.00
Milton Road (last stop before Nat Tyres & Autocare) 7:45 £2.50
1st stop opposite Meadowbank Stadium 7:50 £2.00
Bus stop London Rd after (traffic lights at Easter Rd) 7.55 £2.00
EA Senior School Drop Off 8:15  
EA Junior School Drop Off 8:20  

North Berwick Evening Route

Pick-up Point Time: Mon–Thu Time: Fri Cost / Day
EA Senior School 17:00 15:45  
EA Junior School 17:15 15:25  
Bus stop on London Rd (before Easter Rd) 17:25 15:50 £2.00
Meadowbank Stadium 17:30 15:55 £2.00
Milton Road (1st stop through traffic lights after Nat Tyre & Autocare) 17:35 16:00 £2.50
Tranent Gladsmuir Lay-by 17:50 16:25 £4.00
Haddington Market Street (Old Co-op) 18:00 16:35 £4.00
Drem Station 18:15 16:45 £4.50
North Berwick Train Station 18:30 16:55 £4.50

Times are an estimated time of arrival.

Visit the Bus Information section of the Parent Guide for more information.

Enquiries should be emailed to the Natasha Edwards: enquiriesjs@edinburghacademy.org.uk

Wrap Around Care & Holiday Club

Wrap Around Care

Time Fee
Early Birds  
8.00–8.30 £100 per term
After School Club  
15.00–15.30 £7.00 per session
15.30–16.30 £9.00 per session
16.30–18.00 £11.00* per session (*£6.00 if booked on the school bus)

Download the Booking Form (After School Activity costs vary per term).

Holiday Club

Nursery & P1
Holiday Club covers all bar a few days of the school holidays. Booking information is emailed to parents at the relevant times. Children in P1 can book in with the Nursery to P1 Holiday Club for £47 / full day (8.00am – 6.00pm) or £30 / half day (8.00am – 1.00pm or 1.00pm – 6.00pm). Costs are subject to change.

Please contact Laura Donaldson on 0131 624 4908 or email holidayclubjs@edinburghacademy.org.uk for further information. If you need to contact the After School Club or Holiday Club during times of supervision, please call 0131 624 4972.

P1 children also have the option, along with the P2 – P6 children, to book Holiday Clubs with Access EA. Please see www.accessea.co.uk for further information.

A late fee of £5 per child every 15 minutes the parent is late will be charged if a child is collected after 6.00pm with no suitable reason or prior warning. This is to cover the staffing costs incurred when this happens. It does not apply to genuine emergencies, such as car breakdown, that prevent you from collecting your child on time.

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