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Transition Year (Geits/Primary 7)

The transition between Junior and Senior School is one we work very hard to make as seamless as possible at the Edinburgh Academy. Our unique Geits Experience in Primary 7 is designed to make the move from the Junior School a positive and productive one. 

Here the children do not feel that they have gone from being ‘Big Fish in a Large Pond’ to feeling like ‘Minnows in a Different River’. The Geits are housed in our Senior School but there is a considerable amount of liaison to ensure that the move from Junior School seems like a move within the same educational establishment where the children are known and nurtured.

In the same way as in the Junior School, the children are based in their own classrooms for all non-specialist subjects but in all areas of the curriculum are taught by specialist teaching staff. As well as the subjects taught in the Junior School, the children are introduced to Mandarin, Design Technology and Latin in Geits. 

There is a separate Geits Base and supervised playground area (behind the main Senior School Building) where the children can ‘grow’ as Senior School pupils under the guidance of our dedicated team of teachers and support staff who get to know them as people. Here they are encouraged to further develop a breadth of interests and to tackle life in a determined and resilient manner.

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