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Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Closing Submissions

The School has been attending the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry this month. The closing day of the Edinburgh Academy Case Study was Wednesday 30th August, although the Inquiry is continuing to accept submissions. Lady Smith advised it would be sometime before she produces her report on findings of ‘non-recent child abuse’ at the school.

We are fully committed to supporting our former pupils and helping in the investigations into accusations of historical abuse. We recognise that abuse during childhood has wide-ranging consequences for that individual throughout their life. We shall learn from the past to ensure the best safeguarding of all our pupils. Zero tolerance of abuse must be a given in any modern school.

To this end we believe that it is important we share with you our Closing Submissions to the Inquiry, as this summary document will give you some flavour of what was heard with witness statements and testimonies from many former pupils, and indeed members of staff, who gave evidence about their time at the School. 

If you have been affected by the recent media,  or experienced historical abuse yourself and have not contacted anyone about this, then we urge you to do so now. 

Details of our Historical Child Abuse procedures can be found on our website, including a link to the EA Survivors Group. The main contact details are as follows:

We know that the School of today is a very different place, made possible by the wonderful work that our teachers provide to ensure our pupils and colleagues feel welcome, safe and cared for. We fully appreciate that this cannot make right the pain and suffering which so many of our former pupils endured, through the hands of specific individuals whose roles were to educate, protect and nurture. But it is of paramount importance that the safeguarding of our pupils is our continuing focus for evermore.


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