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Watt Memorial Trust

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Watt Memorial Trust – Supporting Further Learning

Set up in memory of a former Rector of the Edinburgh Academy, the Watt Memorial Trust “provides grants and loans for education and research at schools, colleges and universities … in furtherance of a professional career” to Academicals and Fettesians.

The purpose of the Trust is to give financial help to past and present members of both the Edinburgh Academy and Fettes, to enable them to advance their education or professional training beyond the point at which public funds or university scholarships are available, or when private or family sources alone are not quite adequate for the purpose. The Watt Memorial Trust has been used by Accies and Fettesians to undertake a range of projects: to fund PhD research, to support MBA programmes, to aid further qualifications such as an MSc, MPhil or other professional qualifications, to fund singing / music lessons for professional musicians, to complete short-term intensive language courses at international universities or to aid re-training into new career opportunities. The Watt Memorial Trust provides support to a wide range of educational opportunities.

Recent Academical recipients have included:

In March 2021, Archie Hodgson (EA 2004–17) was successful with his application and received funding to study a 12-month MSc in Real Estate at the Henley Business School, University of Reading. In previous years, James Hardie (EA 2008–12) used his award to attend Classical: NEXT in Rotterdam, the world’s biggest conference dedicated to art music and Lachlan Stewart (EA 2009–15) received funding towards travel costs for his three-month internship with Amicus ALJ, involving a placement in the Arizona Capital Representation Project, based in Phoenix.

We have supported a number of projects over the years and welcome applications for any kind of financial need you may experience as you complete your education or training. Your project may be spectacular or it may be mainstream, but if you’re genuinely short of funds, please consider applying to the Watt Memorial Trust.

For further information, please contact Anna Bennett at or telephone 0131 220 3249. Deadlines for applications are 1 February and 1 September.

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