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Individual Support

Pastoral Care 

The pastoral care of our pupils is at the heart of everything we do at the Edinburgh Academy. If our pupils are safe and happy then everything else will follow. In recent years we have invested hugely in our senior pastoral care team. Our Pastoral Team is based in the heart of the school and they get to know the children extremely well. This service was recently described as ‘Sector Leading’ in an independent report. The pupils are given exceptional guidance in all areas of their academic and pastoral lives and this includes in the spheres of careers and subject choice advice. 

Counselling and Medical 

For those children struggling to cope some element of modern life we have a counsellor on the Senior School site. She is very skilled in helping youngsters to develop coping strategies but is also quick to recommend more specialist help such as CAMHS referral if this is necessary. We also have a full time School Nurse based at the Senior School as well as the benefit of a local GP who regularly spends time on site and with pupils

Support for Learning 

Our specialist Support for Learning Team works with children of all abilities including meeting the needs of the most able as well as those who may be experiencing a barrier to the achieving of their full academic potential. For some support is temporary whereas for others it is on-going.  

The team liaises extensively with all those involved in meeting pupil needs, both in school and, where appropriate, educational psychologists and other relevant professionals. Programmes are then developed involving multi-sensory teaching methods and the development of effective strategies for learning. Support may then be provided through withdrawal from class for a limited period each week or through cooperative teaching whereby a number of pupils may be supported in the classroom in key curricular areas. 

The Support for Learning team works to ensure that children are as prepared as they can be for public exams and can make arrangements for children with additional needs such as the need for scribes, IT use or extra time.

Edinburgh Academy Support for Learning Policy

English as a second language (ESOL) 

A number of our pupils are working through the medium of English as a second language. Through our ESOL* programme children follow a course based on topics of general interest at an appropriate level in terms of grammar and vocabulary. Senior pupils are entered for examinations in the English Language such as those offered by the International English Language Testing System in order to qualify for university entrance. 

*English for Speakers of other Languages 


All EA pupils are provided with a healthy lunch and a good choice of food provided by our catering partners Sodexo. The school can cope with all common dietary requirements and has recently achieved the title ‘Health Promoting School’.  

Child Protection and Safeguarding 

Our child protection, anti-bullying, safeguarding and equalities policies are fully compliant with latest legislation and all of our staff are trained at the required levels.  

The Child Protection Coordinators are the Head Teacher (Junior School and Nursery) and the Deputy Rector: Pastoral Care (Senior School). They are trained to the highest level and report directly to the Safeguarding Committee of the Court of Directors.  

The Edinburgh Academy employs an external advisor to audit and advise on matters of child welfare.

Careers and Further Education Guidance

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