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Careers and Further Education Guidance

The Careers Team at the Edinburgh Academy is committed to ensuring that all our pupils progress onto a positive destination that suits their individual interests and needs. Through our Careers Programme, our pupils will learn how to make choices that will benefit them now and in the future. Whether those choices are about choosing the right school subjects, which career path to take after the Edinburgh Academy, or which university (course) to apply to, the Careers Team is here to guide them at every stage.


The Edinburgh Academy Careers Team works together with alumni, parents and staff networks to create careers information events for our pupils. Professionals from within these groups come to speak to our pupils, provide them with work experience and CV workshops, and offer mock interviews.

To aid in the progression towards a positive destination, the Edinburgh Academy uses Unifrog as a platform that allows pupils to record career-related activities they are involved in and document the employability skills they work on both in and out of school. It is also a source of information on the various career paths pupils can take after the Edinburgh Academy and the platform pupils will use to prepare for their university applications and write their personal statement. Pupils are still able to access their Unifrog account after they leave Edinburgh Academy. We also work closely with numerous other organisations, but particularly Morrisby, who provide independent careers advice, and InvestIN Education, who offer work experience opportunities.


Careers library

A special section of the library at the Edinburgh Academy is dedicated to information about careers, further education, both domestic and abroad, and gap years. This is also where the Careers Advisor can be found, whom pupils can approach for advice, information and guidance.

Besides the library, pupils can also find out about careers-related opportunities such as events, workshops and work experience on Edinburgh Academy’s Virtual Learning Environment Firefly, which is constantly updated.


The Careers Team is made up of five team members. The Head of Careers oversees the whole department and is in charge of the careers programme for all year groups. Together with two other team members, the Head of Careers also helps the Senior Years make the right decisions for their further career paths. Another member of the team oversees the Middle Years’ career programme and our Careers Advisor assists the team as a whole and provides guidance and advice to all year groups. The whole team work closely with the Director of Studies and Senior Management to ensure that we continue to set – and meet – high standards of careers education across the whole school.


Careers interview3

From the younger year groups until the moment they leave the Edinburgh Academy, pupils will receive careers education in the form of careers lessons, visiting professionals from various industries, work experience, career themed events and one-on-one guidance discussions. We take a pupil-centred approach to ensure that each pupil’s particular career ambitions are explored fully – this includes early identification of possible applicants to top universities, and bespoke help whenever it is required.


In Geits, pupils will be introduced to the world of work during interactive lessons where they will engage with tasks that relate to different kinds of STEAM jobs.


Pupils’ knowledge of the world of work will be furthered with a trip to the Science Festival’s Careers Hive event and a follow-up afternoon where pupils will learn more about careers and career families.

Pupils will also be introduced to Unifrog, our Careers platform.


In 3rds, pupils will have to choose their subjects for their National 5s. In addition to a year group talk dedicated to this topic, pupils will also have one-on-one interviews with either the Head of Careers or the Careers Advisor.

In line with subject choice, a number of PSHE lessons will focus on interests and skills, allowing pupils to start thinking about theirs. Pupils will have a chance to engage more fully with Unifrog.


4ths will see pupils start to think about career pathways. They will explore various options through careers-focused PSHE lessons, Morrisby Profiling and a ‘Take Your Child to Work’ day.


The 5ths’ Careers Programme starts off with the Morrisby interview where pupils are given a chance to speak to an independent careers advisor, who will discuss various career paths and courses that might be of interest. This will be followed up by lessons on subject choice as pupils choose what to study in 6ths if they decide to remain at school.

During the year, other career-related events will be organised for the 5ths, such as Careers Talks where guest speakers come in to talk about various careers, and Excellence in Enterprise, a networking and skills development event, at which pupils get to engage with professionals from various industries. We will also have bespoke College and Apprenticeship information sessions for pupils considering leaving school.


During this year, pupils will start focusing on life after the Edinburgh Academy. They will work on employability skills, networking, exploring career options and interests, and building their CV.

Pupils will have a one-on-one interview with a member of the careers department. They will also be urged to do work experience and the Edinburgh Academy will organize a Careers Fair at which pupils can speak to universities and Further Education providers.

Pupils in 6ths will also have a week that will be university-orientated and will include guest speakers and information sessions on UCAS. This will be followed up by all pupils attending the Glasgow University Open Day.

Careers fair


The final year at the Academy will be dedicated to helping pupils make the best choices for their future and ensuring they have the highest chances of success with their applications.

The year starts off with mock interviews where pupils will receive feedback on their CV and interview skills. Those interested in Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine will be guided through the early application process and subsequent tests and/or interviews. Simultaneously, the rest of the cohort will begin working on their personal statements, UCAS and College applications. Pupils who wish to take a gap year, study abroad or enter employment will also be supported fully. Through every step of the way, pupils can count on advice, guidance and feedback from all members of the careers department.

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