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Day in the Life: 4ths (S3)



Many 4ths rugby players will attend a strength and conditioning session at the Sports Centre before being bussed to the Senior School for breakfast at 8.25am.


Pupils start to gather in registration classes. While this gives an opportunity to receive important notices regarding clubs, groups and responsibilities, it also provides a daily point of contact with class teachers, who form a crucial part of the pastoral team at EA.


To compliment the ‘whole school’ and ‘year group’ assemblies, ‘Hymn Practice’ gives a weekly opportunity for all pupils to exercise their range of vocal abilities, learning new Hymns and songs while also revisiting and fine tuning old favourites.


Art & Design: In Geits to 3rds (S2), pupils have followed a curriculum which provides a wide range of experience covering broad areas of Art & Design. GCSE Art gives 4ths pupils the opportunity to develop their own interests and ideas to a greater extent. Many start to build expertise in particular areas including printmaking, photography or sculpture.


Break: A quick refuel from the tuck shop and a midmorning catch up before back to lessons.


Modern Studies: is available as a ‘new start’ subject at National 5 level in 4ths. It works very well beside an existing interest in other Humanities based subjects.


English: The 4ths have been introduced to set texts at National 5 such as Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, written by one of the Academy’s most celebrated alumni, Robert Louis Stevenson.


Lunch: Many 4ths take part in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Lunchtimes provide an ideal opportunity to meet with other pupils to plan upcoming expeditions or to liaise with the Head of Outdoor Education to ask questions or receive advice with any aspect of the programme. There are also opportunities for pupils to be involved in a variety of activities and groups, such as Pupil Council, Friend Support or Division Chess.


Core PE: Although PE exists at the National 5 level, Core PE provides the opportunity to raise the heart rate and get fit during the school day. This is in addition to the co-curricular games programme.


Geography: Remains a hugely popular subject providing opportunity for interesting field work in support of the standard classroom based lessons.


When progressing into 4ths, pupils choose between an involvement in the Combined Cadet Force or the School Service Group. Both options provide pupils with the opportunity to contribute within teams, develop leadership skills, while also working collaboratively with organisations out with the confines of the school campus. These groups meet once a week after school.


What Our Students Say

Elsie & Bertie Elsie & Bertie

Elsie & Bertie


The forest school and the outdoor education is just fantastic. It’s really nice that they get to spend so much time outside playing and learning about the weather.
Lucy Lucy



I like playing with my friends and working with my table partners in Maths. Maths is my favourite. We move around the table and get to work with everybody.
Josh Josh



Everyone is very kind and the teachers are caring and you get a variety of subjects and afterschool activities. I’m looking forward to playing Rugby in the Senior School.
Roseanna Roseanna



I really like Drama. We’re doing The Twits this year and it’s going to be really fun. It’s amazing because the children learn to do the lighting, the sound…it’s just incredible.
Caroline Caroline



There are so many things that you can do. I do quite a lot of music and sports. I’m in the Chamber Choir, the Pipe Band, the Orchestra and I also play Hockey.
James James



If you have a query in any subject, the teacher will take you through it so there is a lot of one-on-one time that you can get, which is really nice and useful.
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