Day in the life - Deham Green
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Day in the Life: Denham Green

In Denham Green we do not stick to a rigid timetable due to the importance of experiential learning and learning through play. 

These are some examples of activities that children will undertake.


Early years / Denham Green 


My mum and dad say hello to the teacher after they have helped me to hang my coats and bag on my peg. The school nurse, the Headteacher and the Departmental Head all say hello to me as I come into the Denham Green foyer.


Three mornings a week we have an assembly where we sing and someone talks to us about interesting things. One of our music teachers always plays as we go into the hall and we clap when the music finishes. That is when Mrs Htet-Khin starts to talk.  


Maths: we learn about numbers and shapes. Lots of this is done using concrete materials and is relevant to how we use maths in our everyday lives. 


Literacy: we learn to read, write, talk and listen at this time. Our teachers make it fun and we use characters to learn our letters. Some of us have learned to read more quickly than others but we know that we will all be taught well and develop a love for books.  


Playtime: our playground is really big and we have several climbing frames and a treehouse as well as an area where we can play football or quiet areas where we can draw or paint. There are always adults in the playground making sure that we are safe and play well. Loose parts play is a great way to use our imaginations. 


Music: in music we play lots of games and do lots of singing. We also learn about amazing pieces of music like the Carnival of the Animals by a man called Saint-Saëns. Our music room is great—it has lots of room to move and loads of instruments. We have music twice a week. 


Topic Work: this is where we learn about our world. Sometimes it is about the past and sometimes about different places.  


Lunch: all of Primary 1 and 2 go to lunch together and we all eat with our teachers. The school caterers provide healthy nutritious lunches for us and we have a choice of what to have.  


Structured Play: in our Denham Green classrooms there are lots of interesting things that we can play with. These are carefully chosen by our teachers and the Denham Green play-specialist as we learn a huge amount through play. 


2nd Break: just like in the morning this is my time to be outside playing with my friends. 


PE: in gym I do lots of running around. Sometimes we use balls and other equipment and sometimes we even dance. We have PE twice a week. 


Art: in our classrooms we do lots of colourful art activities.


End of the classroom day.


We have a large number of co-curricular activities that the children can take part in.


Because my mum and dad work and cannot pick me up at 14.50 I go and have fun with my friends in our Wrap-Around Care Service. 

What Our Students Say

Elsie & Bertie Elsie & Bertie

Elsie & Bertie


The forest school and the outdoor education is just fantastic. It’s really nice that they get to spend so much time outside playing and learning about the weather.
Lucy Lucy



I like playing with my friends and working with my table partners in Maths. Maths is my favourite. We move around the table and get to work with everybody.
Josh Josh



Everyone is very kind and the teachers are caring and you get a variety of subjects and afterschool activities. I’m looking forward to playing Rugby in the Senior School.
Roseanna Roseanna



I really like Drama. We’re doing The Twits this year and it’s going to be really fun. It’s amazing because the children learn to do the lighting, the sound…it’s just incredible.
Caroline Caroline



There are so many things that you can do. I do quite a lot of music and sports. I’m in the Chamber Choir, the Pipe Band, the Orchestra and I also play Hockey.
James James



If you have a query in any subject, the teacher will take you through it so there is a lot of one-on-one time that you can get, which is really nice and useful.
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