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Day in the Life: 6ths (S5)



Chamber Choir is a lovely way to start the day; highs and lows, sharps and flats – a wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively with pupils from other year groups and produce a sound that inspires and delights.


Assembly – hopefully it will be a classic Mr Bryce, Mr Jarrold or Mr McFarlane assembly that never fail to entertain and provoke thought at the same time.


Double Higher Physics: With any luck it will be a practical experiment today that will challenge us.


Break: Although it is a really short break, it still has provided a chance for some of us to initiate a Barber Shop Octet group and this is our time to practice and rehearse.


Double Higher Chemistry: Another practical, this time getting to make esters from alcohols and carboxylic acids; we learn that these pungent and fruity smelling, oily compounds can be used as flavourings.


PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education): Provides us with an occasion where we can openly discuss a variety of issues that are important to us, whilst also starting to look at next steps beyond school and prepare for life beyond the gates of Henderson Row.


Lunch: After a quick bite, it’s time for a co-curricular activity. Another pupil led initiative is the Medical Ethics Club, where we can sit and discuss a variety of issues or talk with invited guest from the medical/science profession.


Double Higher English: We might be discussing a poem and its imagery and meaning, or perhaps a passage from the novel we have been reading, or it could be an opportunity to develop our essay writing skills and technique, under timed conditions, that we will need in the exams at the end of the year.


Higher Biology: We might discuss some of the recent topical issues that are currently also de rigueur in the world’s media, regarding current threats to the environment such as plastic pollution of the oceans, climate change or extinction.


A number of Music practices occur after school on a Friday; Pipe Band, Orchestra, Brass Band, or some might use this as an opportunity to work in the Design & Technology workshop on their projects, or perhaps a visit to the Fives courts for a game or two.


What Our Students Say

Elsie & Bertie Elsie & Bertie

Elsie & Bertie


The forest school and the outdoor education is just fantastic. It’s really nice that they get to spend so much time outside playing and learning about the weather.
Lucy Lucy



I like playing with my friends and working with my table partners in Maths. Maths is my favourite. We move around the table and get to work with everybody.
Josh Josh



Everyone is very kind and the teachers are caring and you get a variety of subjects and afterschool activities. I’m looking forward to playing Rugby in the Senior School.
Roseanna Roseanna



I really like Drama. We’re doing The Twits this year and it’s going to be really fun. It’s amazing because the children learn to do the lighting, the sound…it’s just incredible.
Caroline Caroline



There are so many things that you can do. I do quite a lot of music and sports. I’m in the Chamber Choir, the Pipe Band, the Orchestra and I also play Hockey.
James James



If you have a query in any subject, the teacher will take you through it so there is a lot of one-on-one time that you can get, which is really nice and useful.
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