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Individual Support

Pastoral Care

In the Nursery each child is assigned to a key worker from within our highly experienced team of Early Years Practitioners (EYP).

During the week they will come into contact with lots of adults including the Head of Nursery and Junior School, the Principal Teacher of Nursery, the Nursery Teacher, PE teachers, Music Teachers, the Modern Languages Teacher and the School Nurse.

This said it is the key worker and the other EYPs in the room who will have the biggest hand in the pastoral care of the children. They will quickly seek to develop a bond with the child and their family, and will report back to parents using a ‘Personal Learning Plan’. Individual care and attention is at the heart of everything that we do. 

Support for Learning

Our specialist Support for Learning Team works with children of all abilities including meeting the needs of the most able as well as those who may be experiencing a barrier to the achieving of their full academic potential.

The team liaises fully with all those involved in meeting pupil needs. Programmes are created involving multi-sensory teaching methods and the development of effective strategies for learning.

In Nursery, the role of the SFL department tends to be advisory.

Child Protection and Safeguarding 

Our child protection, anti-bullying, safeguarding and equalities policies are fully compliant with latest legislation and all of our staff are trained at the required levels. 

The Child Protection Coordinators are the Head Teacher (Junior School and Nursery) and the Deputy Rector: Pastoral Care (Senior School). They are trained to the highest level and report directly to the Safeguarding Committee of the Court of Directors. 

The Edinburgh Academy employs an external advisor to audit and advise on matters of child welfare.

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