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EA Learn

The World is Waiting for the Next Big Thing

At the Edinburgh Academy we teach our children for their tomorrow rather than our past.

EA Learn symbolises the 5 key capacities that our pupils are guided and encouraged to demonstrate as the central elements of the educational experience at the School. These capacities of resilience, creativity, collaboration, curiosity and independence, group the qualities that our pupils display.

An Academy education blends the traditional – a thorough grounding in the rudiments of literacy and numeracy, with the modern.

From the youngest years in the Nursery, our children are engaging with technology and we operate a 1:1 iPad programme enhancing learning from P3–3rds (S2).

The use of a 1:1 device in the classroom gives our students access to a vast array of tools to develop higher order thinking skills to support and enhance the learning journey.

Full details of our curriculum can be found in the relevant pages of the website in the Junior and Senior Schools sections.

EA Learn

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