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Historical Child Abuse Support

Schools should be safe places for everyone and, at various points in our history, this was not the case for too many of our pupils. They were wronged by specific individuals whose roles were to educate, protect and nurture them. For this the Edinburgh Academy unreservedly apologises.

We are fully committed to supporting our former pupils and helping in the investigations into accusations of historical abuse. We recognise that abuse during childhood has wide-ranging consequences for that individual throughout their life. We shall learn from the past to ensure the best safeguarding of all our pupils. Zero tolerance of abuse must be a given in any modern school.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) was established in 2015 to review cases of historic abuse of children in care in Scotland. Phase Six of the SCAI focused on children who were in care in Scottish Boarding Schools. As a former boarding school The Edinburgh Academy was notified in 2017 that the school would be part of the investigation. The School will appear at the Inquiry in August 2023.

The Edinburgh Academy thanks those members of our community who have come forward and assisted the SCAI with its proceedings. This will have been an incredibly difficult undertaking and we applaud their courage in doing so.

If you wish to contact the School about any historical abuse, please:

Phone: 0131 624 4958 and ask to speak to Samantha Byers, Director of  Development and Alumni Relations

There is an active, well-connected and independent Support Group of former pupils who are willing to listen to, support and provide reassurance to other former pupils who experienced abuse at the Edinburgh Academy. Contact with this group is completely confidential and the school will not receive any information in this regard.

To contact this group directly, please use the following link:  which will put you in touch with Giles Moffatt (EA 1980-1990) in the first instance.

Further details on our Policy can be accessed here: Historical-Child-Abuse-Policy.pdf

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