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New Pupils and Parents series

New pupil interview: Aiden & Alyssa, 6ths (S5)

What were you looking forward to by coming to EA?

Aiden: I was looking forward to a new start and new opportunities, different from my old school, that would come from being at the EA.

Alyssa: I was excited because I was coming from a different country and the Academy seemed small, which made it feel like it would be more of a community.

What was your reception like?

Aiden: My reception was really good. I think it’s always difficult coming in from a different school because everyone here has been together, some from Primary, and already formed friendship groups. Everyone was really welcoming and nice and once you make friends, which was really easy to do here, it makes things a lot easier.

Alyssa: Everyone was really nice. At the beginning it was a bit awkward because I missed Induction Day and didn’t know anyone, but a group of girls came up to me, which made me feel pretty good, and then people started coming up to me saying ‘hi’, which was nice.

What has impressed you so far?

Aiden: How much the teachers care and how involved they are. They show that they want you to succeed, which is really encouraging, and it helps you thrive in this environment.

Alyssa: The teachers are really nice. It’s not like you are just learning what’s on the course, they really care about your outward knowledge. Also, it’s nicer being in smaller classes because you get to know everyone a lot more and it’s more comfortable.

What is your favourite part about EA?

Aiden: I’ve really enjoyed the facilities in the Science Department. The fact that they have a fish tank is quite cool and I spend a lot of time there because of the subjects that I am studying.

Alyssa: I like how open it is. You walk to every classroom outside and it makes it feel more comfortable and homey. Also, the Science Department is really cool.

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