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Mental Health Awareness Week – Stress Bucket

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve gathered some useful tips from the internet that can help alleviate stress and anxiety. We hope you find them useful.

The Stress Bucket Metaphor

Imagine your stress as water in a bucket. It is normally at a manageable level and easily contained, but we have everyday concerns that add to our stress. We all have them, they are a part of life.

At the bottom of the bucket are holes that let the water out. These holes represent stress-relieving actions such as hobbies, hanging out with friends or activities such as exercise or being outside and enjoying nature. They are what keep our stress level stable and manageable.

When we are stressed or worried we have a tendency to turn inward, denying ourselves these outlets or feeling undeserving of these ‘rewards’. We may feel too busy or that we don’t have time for these things.

Remember, they are not rewards but a necessity, and closing them off will only increase our stress level until it overflows. Keep the holes of your Stress Bucket open and maintain a healthy and manageable level of stress.

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Visit the Mental Health Foundation website for more resources.

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