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Tuition fees are reviewed annually, normally in the Spring and any increase is applied from the start of the Autumn Term. Lunch charges are reviewed in August each year.

Termly School fees are payable in advance by monthly or termly direct debit. The account for extras is rendered at the end of each term. Interest is charged on late payments. Payment may also be made with Childcare Vouchers for Afterschool care, Holiday Clubs and Nursery fees.

School lunches are compulsory for all for Edinburgh Academy pupils. Lunch charges are reviewed in August each year.

Information on funding School fees is also available from SCIS, the Independent Schools Information Service,1 St Colme St, Edinburgh EH3 6AA. Tel: 0131 556 2316.

The School reserves the right to vary the contract with parents. At least a full term’s notice of any variation will be provided.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable Registration fee of £70 is required to accompany the Application Form.

Pupil Joining Fee

For the Senior and Junior Schools a non-refundable joining fee of £300 is required to be paid along with the completed Acceptance Form.


Junior School parents will be billed for After School Care. Other items will be billed with parental consent. Books are included in the Junior School tuition fee.

Senior School parents are required to purchase text books (as per book list). There may be occasional additional charges billed for books and stationery, public examination fees and materials for art and design technology. Other items will be billed with parents’ consent.

A school bus service is run by the Edinburgh Academy for Academy pupils. Details of all bus routes into the City and their costs can be obtained by contacting the Junior School Office (0131 552 3690).

Music Fees

If the Academy employs the music teacher, the fee for music tuition will be billed on your extras account along with any hire of a musical instrument. Peripatetic music teachers will render their account personally.

Fees for the 2023–24 Academic Session

Year Group Fee
2nds to 7ths £17,541
Geits (P7) £14,321
P5 to P6 £13,284
P3 to P4 £12,824
P1 to P2 £10,870


Nursery Fee
Nursery: Maple, Rowan & Spruce Rooms (3–5 year olds)  
Full Time £11,288
Mornings Only (minimum of 5 mornings) £7,193
Nursery: Beech Room (Rising 3 year olds)  
Full Time £14,680
Mornings Only (minimum of 5 mornings) £8,463
Nursery: Willow Room (2 year olds)  
Full Time £14,680
5 Mornings £8,463
4 Mornings £6,770
3 Mornings £5,077
2 Mornings (minimum of 2 mornings) £3,385

The minimum attendance requirement for the Maple, Spruce, Rowan and Beech rooms is five mornings. Willow is a minimum of 2 mornings.

For parents wishing a combination, for example 5 Mornings and 3 Afternoons, the Fees will be calculated on a Pro Rata basis.

For further information please contact the Admissions Department (admissions@edinburghacademy.org.uk) or the Accounts Department (eafeebilling@edinburghacademy.org.uk).

Daily Lunch Charges 2023–24
Senior School £4.73
Junior School P4–P6 £4.24
Junior School P1–P3 £4.18
Nursery  £3.74


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