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Fees for the 2019–20 Academic Session

Year Group Fee
2nds to 7ths £14,823
Geits (P7) £11,943
P5 to P6 £11,016
P3 to P4 £10,602
P1 to P2 £8,856


Nursery Fee
Nursery Full-time £9,228
Nursery Mornings £5,880
Little Nursery Beech & Willow  
5 Mornings £7,071
4 Mornings £5,657
3 Mornings £4,243
2 Mornings £2,828
1 Morning £1,414


Daily Lunch Charges 2018–19
Senior School £3.80
Junior School P5–P6 £3.35
Junior School P1–P3 £3.30
Nursery  £2.90

Tuition fees are normally reviewed annually in the Spring and any increase is applied from the start of the Autumn term. Termly School fees are payable in advance by monthly or termly direct debit. (Lunch charges are paid termly in advance and reviewed each year). The account for extras is rendered at the end of each term. Interest is charged on late payments. Payment for Nursery may also be made by Childcare Vouchers.

Full fee assistance is available via our Bursary scheme on a means tested basis.

Terms and Conditions of paying for services at the Edinburgh Academy by Debit or Credit Card: The service the Edinburgh Academy will be providing is education.

If the Edinburgh Academy has requested an incorrect amount from your Debit or Credit Card, please telephone the Fees Clerk on 0131 624 4916 or email tmackay@edinburghacademy.org.uk whereupon the Edinburgh Academy will either refund the amount to your Debit of Credit Card or will transfer the refund to your designated bank account.

The currency for all transactions at the Edinburgh Academy will be in Great British Pounds – (£) GBP. The Edinburgh Academy is able to accept the following Debit or Credit Cards:

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The Edinburgh Academy is incorporated by Royal Charter and is registered charity.
The Edinburgh Academy is registered in the UK, registered office is 42 Henderson Row, Edinburgh EH3 5BL
The Edinburgh Academy’s Charities Registration No. SC01699
The Edinburgh Academy’s Care Commission No. CS 200 301 5842 
Main contact number: 0131 624 4916
Email address: tmackay@edinburghacademy.org.uk

Terms and conditions of Future payments or recurring Debit or Credit Card transactions: the Parent may cancel a future payment or recurring payment at any time by telephoning the Fees Clerk on 0131 624 4916 during normal office hours. The Edinburgh Academy is able to accept weekly, fortnightly or monthly future or recurring payments.  The length of any future or recurring payment arrangement shall be no longer than 12 calendar months. 

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