I’m Rory Jackson, I’m one of the older people in my year making me one of the first to turn 18. I joined the academy in geits from my local primary school. I settled in well especially considering most of the boys were as interested in rugby as I was. I didn’t know anyone at the academy before I arrived, it was nice to find some common ground. I love the subject economics mainly because it's easy to apply in everyday money-making decisions and it is well linked with politics.

I would like to study it at either Glasgow or Loughborough university. Thankfully my highers went well and I have offers from my top choices. I hope to be a land economist one day, but my main goal is to become a professional rugby player. It is very hard to balance a life with education and rugby but it’s a sacrifice I’m very happy to make. My greatest achievement was representing Scotland under 18's after long hard months of training and I hope to take my rugby forward at university. Whilst I love my sport, I have a soft spot for music. I sing and attempt to play the piano. I am in the school Chamber Choir which is something I’m very proud of and I hope I also carry this on at university.

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