I can honestly say since joining the Academy, I have been very welcomed and can feel the strong sense of community that the pupils and staff at EA create (even when my strong Scottish accent has caused difficulties for others to understand me!).

I joint the Academy in 4ths but when I did, I still lived through in Glasgow. I am happy that we have moved through but am also glad to be the Academy’s first Glaswegian Ephor!

I strongly encourage all students to join as many clubs and committees as possible as they lead to amazing opportunities. For example, as part of Young Enterprise, we successfully managed to develop a mental health app called Levitate.

I also hope to strengthen our bonds with our local and wider society by getting more involved and through effective collaboration of School committees. 

This year I will be studying Advanced Higher Biology, Chemistry, RMPS and a Science Scottish Baccalaureate with the hope to get into medicine at university.


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