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Senior School Virtual Open Day

Thank you for joining us

This is your VIP pass to the Edinburgh Academy Senior School with an inside look at the EA experience. To continue the conversation or book a bespoke tour, please get in touch with our Admissions Team who will be delighted to answer your questions. In addition, the Rector is happy to meet on Zoom or Teams to discuss how EA can best provide a first-class education for your child.

The Edinburgh Academy Admissions Team
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Creativity Corner

Every year our Art Department hosts an Exhibition of pupil work—it is the culmination of a year’s creative learning. This year, the exhibition was held in an impressive 3D virtual environment due to lockdown restrictions. Our talent-filled Music Department was similarly undeterred, coming together remotely to deliver a stellar performance as a virtual choir.

Experience both for yourself

Virtual Art Exhibition

Virtual Choir Performance

Frequently asked questions

How is the School addressing Covid-19?

Pupil safety is the highest priority at the Edinburgh Academy. An advantage of being a relatively small school is that pupils are working in year-group ‘bubbles’ in specially created year-group bases. When using specialist classrooms (Science, Music, Drama, Art) we ensure that these spaces are cleaned carefully and resources are kept separate for each year group. Students enter/exit campus at separate locations and learn and play in designated areas. We are making use of every room available to ensure that we minimise when year-group overlap. Hand sanitation stations have been installed in multiple outdoor locations on both campuses and there is an enhanced cleaning regime.

Should there be another lockdown, we will transition smoothly to an online/distance learning system of lessons and schoolwork delivered using Firefly, our Virtual Learning Environment, supported by Microsoft Teams and Showbie.

How do I apply?

To apply, simply complete our Online Application Form.

A non-refundable registration fee of £70 is required. On receipt of the completed Application Form the Admissions Team will acknowledge receipt by email and an invitation will then be sent to your son/daughter to attend the relevant assessment day.

What are the main entry points to the Academy?

The main entry points are Nursery, Primary 1, Geits (P7), 2nds (S1), 4ths (S3) 6ths (S5).

When are the Senior School Assessment Dates?

Geits (P7) to 4ths (S3): Saturday 11 December 2021

Assessments: English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning and Group Interview

Offers (by email): Tuesday 8 February 2022

6ths (S5): Friday 21 January 2022 (Applications may be considered after assessments)

Assessments: Applicants for Sixth Form may apply at any stage of the session and assessments for entry are based on a combination of assessment, interview, school reference and school report. Predicted grades and a short written assessment are also required. Sixth Form applicants need to gain the equivalent of at least 5 ‘C’ passes at GCSE or National 5 in order to access our Sixth Form curriculum.

Offers (by email): Tuesday 8 February 2022

Keep informed of Key Assessment Dates.

Is bursary support available?

If you wish to apply for bursary support please tick the relevant section on the Application Form. This will be acknowledged on receipt of application and a bursary form will be sent to you later in the Autumn Term for completion.

Bursaries are normally prioritised for Senior School Years (Geits–7ths). Special consideration may be given for support in the Junior School depending on the availability of funds.

What are the fees?

2nds to 7ths


Geits (P7)


P5 to P6


P3 to P4


P1 to P2


Nursery: Maple, Rowan & Spruce Rooms (3–5 year olds)




Mornings Only (min of 5 mornings)


Nursery: Beech Room (Rising 3 year olds)




Mornings Only (min of 5 mornings)


Nursery: Willow Room (2 year olds)




5 Mornings


4 Mornings


3 Mornings


2 Mornings (min of 2 mornings)


The minimum attendance requirement for Maple, Spruce, Rowan and Beech rooms is five mornings. Willow is a minimum of two mornings.

For parents wishing a combination, for example 5 Mornings and 3 Afternoons, the Fees will be calculated on a Pro Rata basis.

For more information on Fees, please visit the Fees page.

Is there a school bus?

All bus routes and times are reviewed on an annual basis and may be subject to change. Our current routes are:

  • Eskbank – Southside (morning route)
  • North Berwick (morning and evening route)
  • Waverley Station (evening route)
  • Winchburgh – Barnton (morning route)

Should you require more information, please contact our Admissions Team who will direct you to our Bus coordinator.

What is the school roll?

The Edinburgh Academy currently has 1171 pupils in total.

Senior School: 665

Junior School: 405

Nursery: 101

What co-curricular activities are available in the Senior School?

The Edinburgh Academy prides itself on offering an extensive variety of co-curricular activities to ensure the holistic development of the children. The following links will guide you to a comprehensive section on our website.

Some of the Co-curricular activities available the Senior School include Community Service, Charities, Music, Travel, Sport, CCF and Outdoor Education including the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

For more information please visit our Life at EA, Co-curricular and Creative Curriculum pages.

Are scholarships available at the Senior School?

Scholarship opportunities at the Edinburgh Academy are available to both internal and external candidates. They have been carefully designed to align with our goal that pupils are supported and challenged in developing as independent, curious, creative, collaborative and resilient learners. Pupils can compete for Academic, Art, Music and Sports Scholarships. Academic, Art and Sports awards offer individualised, one-to-one mentoring, designed to support the scholar in the realisation of his or her ambitions and potential, as well as an annual grant to provide financial assistance in pursuit of the scholar’s specialist endeavours. Music Scholarships offer free tuition in one instrument or voice.

More information on our Scholarships page.

What is the Senior School Curriculum?

Geits, 2nds & 3rds: In the curriculum in the early years at the Senior School, the theme is very much breadth and opportunity. The subject groupings that define the curriculum at primary level begin to divide into discrete subject areas: in addition to the core subjects of English and Maths, French is taught in Geits, with the options of Mandarin, Spanish and German as a second language, Expressive Arts divide into Art, Drama, and Music; and Science divides into Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Social Sciences becomes History and Geography and Religious Education, and other subjects such as Design Technology, Computing, PE, and Classics will all appear on the timetable. For our Geits (P7), their base is the focus for all the non-practical subjects, whilst those needing practical facilities are taught in the relevant department.

4ths & 5ths: In 4ths and 5ths, pupils will study 8 subjects at National 5 level, with the main assessments for these taking place in summer term of 5ths. All pupils are expected to follow the core requirements of English, Maths, a modern language and a science. We then recommend that pupils complete the balance by adding one social subject (e.g. Geography, History, Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies or Economics), and a creative subject (e.g. Art & Design, Drama, Music or PE) or a technical subject (e.g. Business Management, Computing Science, Design and Manufacture). They can then add two further subjects of their choice: for example, taking two modern languages or studying all three sciences. We strive hard to offer everyone curricular breadth, balance and opportunity, though some degree of specialism is inevitable.

6ths & 7ths: In these years our older pupils engage in courses which are increasingly specialised, and in some cases vocational, in preparation for higher education and working life. Building on the foundation of National 5s in 5ths, most of our pupils will progress to take 5 Highers in 6ths. In 7ths, the option is to progress with 3 (or, exceptionally, 4) subjects to Advanced Higher, or to take further Highers. In Art & Design, we choose to deliver the A-level rather than the Advanced Higher qualification. Our senior school timetable allows pupils to mix these qualifications, and with advice from our Careers Department, tailor the curriculum to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual.

Scottish Baccalaureate: The School also offers the Scottish Baccalaureate to students in the 6ths and 7ths. This award is for very aspirational academics who wish to extend their learning past the Higher and Advanced Highers that the majority of students in Scotland take. Alongside their Higher/Advanced Higher programme, students also research for their Interdisciplinary Project on a topic of their choice. We currently offer the Scottish Baccalaureate in Science as well as Social Sciences.

What does the Senior School day look like?

Senior School

Start time: 8.45am

Finish time: 3.40pm

Visit our Day in the Life pages for more information, starting with Geits (P7).

Is there a Parent Community at the Academy?

Parent involvement is key to maintaining a strong community at the Academy. The Edinburgh Academy Association of Parents and Friends acts as a focal point for the Academy community. It was set up with the intention of facilitating communication between and amongst the School, the parents and the pupils; of fundraising for the School; and of generally channelling the energy, skills and enthusiasm of the parent body to the benefit of the School. A number of social events are organised by the committee each year. There is also a system of parent representatives, the aim being that each class has a Rep. The duties of the Rep include arranging at least one social event at the beginning of the year for parents of pupils in their class, and assisting in and selling tickets for events arranged by the committee. There is a meeting of class Reps with members of the Senior Management Team each term, usually on the first Monday of every term, to allow issues to be discussed. All parents are encouraged to become involved in the Association, whether as a class representative or on the committee.

Details of current committee members can be found on the Parent Community page of our website. All meetings are publicised in the School Weekly News Sheet.

How will my child be supported at the Senior School if they have learning support requirements?

The Support for Learning Department serves to identify and support pupils with additional support needs. Pupils may experience a barrier to achieving their full academic potential through a specific learning difficulty. These pupils will be assessed and in some cases a referral to an educational psychologist will be recommended. The department supports pupils of all abilities, including the needs of the most able. For some, the support required is temporary, for others it is ongoing.

Good communication exists between the Support for Learning Department and all those involved in teaching, monitoring and planning for meeting pupils’ needs. Specialist lessons are provided where appropriate for one or two 40-minute lessons a week and individual learning programmes may be set up. Multisensory teaching methods are used and pupils are encouraged to develop effective strategies. Regular contact with parents allows us to monitor pupils’ self-esteem. Occasionally and only after consultation with teachers and parents, a pupil may be advised to drop a subject and spend time on supported study.

Co-operative teaching (e.g. English, Maths, Science or Modern Languages) also takes place, whereby a number of pupils may be supported in the classroom alongside the subject teacher.

The department organises exam dispensations, for example, extra time or use of ICT, where there is evidence of need.

For further Information see our Individual Support page.

What trips are available in the Senior School?

From time to time organised parties travel abroad or to places of interest in the UK.

The last few years have seen trips to Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, China and the USA; World Challenge expeditions to India, Borneo, Costa Rica and Nepal; scuba diving in the Red Sea, Trinidad and Tobago; Battlefields in France and Belgium and a visit to Canada by the Pipe Band. Pupils also regularly visit Europe and China for language experience.

There have been regular mountaineering trips to the Highlands, CCF camps and participation in the Nijmegen Marches.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions take place in various parts of Scotland and England. The Chamber Choir has visited York, Carlisle and Germany; other music groups have been to the USA and Italy. Sports tours have included New Zealand, Australia, Western Samoa, South America, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and Canada.

A trips booklet showing proposed trips for the year ahead is produced annually in order to assist parents to plan.

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