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Shape of the Day

Good to Go breakfast

The day starts with a healthy breakfast available. At breakfast we will discuss different topics to do with some of the issues that surround getting ready for exams such as anxiety, time management, health etc. These topics might then also be referred back to by teachers during the classes to continue the theme throughout the day.

The Classes

There are six hours of lessons a day, with breaks allocated by the teacher. Some subjects offer up to three days in the week, others will be one or two. The days will cover different subject topics but tailored to the needs of the pupils. Students will be taught in groups of no more than seven. This will allow for individual concerns to be quickly addressed and for substantial one to one teaching throughout the day.

Teachers are looking to reinforce pupil understanding, using a variety of methods to help pupil grow in confidence where they feel they are weaker.

Social Lunch

A healthy lunch is provided with any pupil dietary requirements catered for. We will then have a couple of options for a lunchtime activity to give your mind and body a break from studying. This could be something active like basketball or rounders, or a quieter activity socialising in the beanbag room or a craft. The pupils enjoy the social downtime and building new friendship groups.

Summary Tea

Parents are encouraged to attend the morning breakfast sessions and tea at the end of the day. Keeping parents involved on morning topics and feeding back as to progress will hopefully help to manage the pressure that they also feel under trying to support their child.


Good to Go offers a ‘supervised revision’ option where students can simply come in for a morning to revise. They will be expected to sign in at the breakfast club, join the discussion for the day before going to a classroom where they will be supervised to work quietly without any of the distractions of home and then stay until the end of the session. The teacher supervising will assist with putting in place some of the revision techniques they have learned. They are then welcome to stay for lunch and the lunchtime activity.

One to One Tutorials

At the end of each day 1-1 one hour tutorials are offered in a variety of subjects. An option to request this will be on the website.

Enjoy the Down Time

One of the common pieces of feedback we have received is that the courses allow pupils to go home and say with confidence that they have done six hours of revision and parents know its true, allowing for ‘nag free’ downtime!


Good to Go breakfast (e.g. healthy eating, sleep, time management, how to memorise, keeping calm)


Core subject (includes 1-1 sessions & appropriate breaks)
Superevision Option


Lunch & Activity (e.g. Basketball, mindful colouring, also a chance to get to know the other students on the course)


Core subject continued (includes: 1-1 sessions)


Break to discuss ideas from breakfast


Feedback session & Action Points
Tea (feedback & action points)


Session Option (1 hour)


'She came home on Monday feeling positive about maths for the first time in years. She was full of confidence and pride at what she had achieved in the day. We were a bit taken aback!'
— Good to Go Parent 

'Started the day well with breakfast and was handy to learn what to do before exams to help.'
— Good to Go Pupil 

For more information or to book a course

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