Grounded in Scotland, Ready for the World

The Edinburgh Academy is a modern, vibrant co-educational school for 2 to 18 year olds.

Housed on two characterful sites near the centre of Scotland's capital, the school provides the best in 21st century education and is designed to be small enough to cater for the unique talents, needs and ambitions of all.

A Scottish education is a well-rounded one and the Edinburgh Academy is passionate about educating the whole child. We aim for academic excellence and this culminates in the sitting of the acclaimed Highers and Advanced Highers (Scottish Qualifications Agency). This is complimented by a full range of co-curricular activities.

Fee assistance bursaries are available to ensure wide access and we also provide scholarships to reward and encourage excellence in the fields of academia, art, sport and music.

We hope that you will find this website useful. This is an exciting place to learn; if you would like find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us. A warm welcome is assured!

Eco Action Week Update

This week is Eco Action Week at the Senior School. Our theme is 'Love Food, Hate Waste'. Help us collect food for our Charities Committee and your Division.
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Pupil Timetable For 2017 Prelims
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Sports Fixture News
Wednesday 7th Dec: 1st XV rugby v Durham (a) 2.15pm ko

Senior School Games Arrangements
Mon 5th Dec: Geits & 2nds Rugby and Hockey cancelled due to frozen pitches.Sessions at Henderson Row till 3.30pm. 3rds Hockey & rugby team practices cancelled. Can go home at 3.30pm

Measles Awareness
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Exam Results Update, 2016
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Want to go to university?

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SS Co-curricular Programme 2016
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The News Sheet
 News Sheet

DofE News
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EA Enterprise Merchandise
Sale of items currently in place. For details, please check the School New Sheet.

Uniform Exchange
Normal Term-time Hours
First Wednesday of every month 3pm to 4.30pm. First Saturday of every month 9am-10.30am.

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School Diary Events listed below
Any changes to the school diary will be announced in the Bulletin section.
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19 January 2017
6ths/7ths Prelims begin.
17:00 Fives v Merchiston: Juniors (h).

18 January 2017
5ths Prelims end.

17 January 2017
17:30 3rds Parents Evening.

16 January 2017
15:00 Primary 1 Entrance Testing.

15 January 2017
Jesters Fives.
12:00 Deadline for Bursary applications.

14 January 2017
Boys Hockey 1st XI, 2nd XI v TGA.
Boys Hockey U15 v St Leonards.
Girls Hockey 2nd XI, 4ths, 2nds, Geits, P6 training.
Girls Hockey 1st XI, 3rds v Balerno.
Rugby 1st XV, 2nd XV, B1, b2, D1, D2, JB1, JB2 v Watson's (a)(am).
Rugby U16A, U16B, C1, C2, JA1, JA2 v Watson's (h)(am).
Jesters Fives.
18:30 Accies Burns Supper.

13 January 2017
Jesters Fives.
16:30 CCF Piobaireachd Piping Competition.
18:30 Burns Supper.

12 January 2017
09:00 Senior School Entrance Testing day.
09:00 RME trip for Geits.
15:30 Deadline for Scholarship applications.

11 January 2017
Activities begin.

10 January 2017
5ths Prelims begin.
Normal Games.

9 January 2017
Holiday Club for 3-6 years is located in ASC building from 8am-6pm.
Primary 1 Entrance Testing.

6 January 2017
Holiday Club for 3-6 years is located in ASC building from 8am-6pm.

5 January 2017
Holiday Club for 3-6 years is located in ASC building from 8am-6pm.

4 January 2017
Holiday Club for 3-6 years is located in ASC building from 8am-6pm.

22 December 2016
Holiday Club for 3-6 years is located in ASC building from 8am-6pm.

21 December 2016
Holiday Club for 3-6 years is located in ASC building from 8am-6pm.

20 December 2016
Term ends.
JS Division singing.
Nursery finishes at 1.30pm, P1&2 at 1.40pm, P3-6 at 1.50pm.
12:30 Christmas Lunch.
14:30 Carol Service.

19 December 2016
Frugal Lunch.
14:45 Xmas Fair.
19:00 JS Wardie Carol Service.

17 December 2016
Girls Hockey 1st XI, 4ths, 2nds v Firrhill.
Girls Hockey 2nd XI, 3rds v Balerno.

16 December 2016
09:00 P4s to Dynamic Earth.
09:15 Nursery Nativity.
19:00 JS Staff Panto.

15 December 2016
14:00 P3 & 4 Carol Service.

14 December 2016
GCSE Art exam.
MUN trip to Geneva return.
12:40 Middle Girls Division basketball (3rds & 4ths).
19:30 P6 Choir to sing at CLICS Sargent Carol Concert at Usher Hall.

13 December 2016
09:30 JS Hopscotch Theatre - Aladdin.
12:40 Senior Girls Division Basketball (5ths-7ths).
15:00 GCSE Art exam.
16:00 Boys U19 Squash v S/M (a).

12 December 2016
GCSE Art prep.

11 December 2016
MUN trip to Geneva depart.

10 December 2016
Boys Hockey 1st XI, 2nd XI, U15, U13 v GWC.
Girls Hockey 1st XI, 2nd XI, 4ths, 3rds, 2nds v Trinity.
Girls Hockey Geits, P6 v GWC.
Rugby 1st XV, 2nd XV, B1, B2, D1, D2 v Howe of Fife (a)(am).
Rugby U16B, C1, C2, JA1, JA2 v Howe of Fife (h)(am).
Rugby JB1, JB2 v Howe of Fife (a)(am).
16:30 Division Music.

9 December 2016
A2 Art Prelim.
JS Flu vaccinations.
Geits Flu vaccinations.
ECO Action Day.
14:00 P1 & 2 Nativity.
15:40 Division Music rehearsals.

8 December 2016
A2 Art Prelim.
AS Art Prelim.
P1-2 Nativity dress rehearsal.
12:40 4ths & 5ths Boys Division handball.
16:00 Girls Hockey 4ths East Schools Cup v MES (a).
16:45 Boys U16 squash v Fettes (h).

7 December 2016
A2 Art Prelim.
AS Art Prelim.
12:40 Junior Girls Division Basketball (Geits & 2nds).
14:15 Rugby 1st XV v Durham (a).

6 December 2016
A2 Art Prep.
12:30 Alice in Wonderland for P6/Geits.
16:45 Boys U19 squash v Fettes (a).
17:00 Court Meeting/Dinner.

5 December 2016
ECO Action Week.