Welcome to The Edinburgh Academy

Independent day school for boys and girls aged 2 to 18

The Edinburgh Academy is a city centre school with a friendly ethos.  If you are looking for a suitable Nursery, Junior School or Senior School in Edinburgh, there are many reasons to choose the Edinburgh Academy.  Our size allows us to cater for the unique talents, needs and ambitions of your son or daughter.

As well as striving for academic excellence, our pupils enjoy a full programme of co-curricular activities to ensure a well-rounded education.

We may be able to offer help with fees through our Bursary scheme and we provide Scholarships to reward and encourage excellence.

We hope you will find this website useful. To find out more, please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit.  You will be warmly welcomed.


DofE News
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The News Sheet
 News Sheet

Scholarships 2015/16
Current pupils in the Senior School at the Edinburgh Academy are welcome to apply to compete with external applicants for a Scholarship award for school session 2015-2016.

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A-Level and GCSE Results 2014
Academy pupils have been celebrating success in their recent A-Level and GCSE Results published this August.

SQA Results Day 2014
We congratulate the Edinburgh Academy pupils who have received their Scottish Examination Authority results today.

Canadian Hockey and Rugby Tour Blog
Tour departs 6 Aug, returning 20 Aug.

EA Enterprise Merchandise
The Academy has recently launched a range of merchandise, available to purchase now from the Development Department. A wide range of gifts are available and they make the perfect present for any Academical or ‘friend of the Academy’ in your life.

Uniform Exchange
Normal Term-time Hours
First Wednesday of every month 3pm to 4.30pm. First Saturday of every month 9am-10.30am.

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School Diary Events listed below
Any changes to the school diary will be announced in the Bulletin section.
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24 January 2015
Rugby 1st XV, 2nd XV, U16A, U16B, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2, JA1, JA2, JB1, JB2 v Dollar. Girls Hockey 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rds, 2nds, Geits v George Watson's. Girls Hockey P5&6 v St George's. Boys Hcokey 1st XI, U15 v Dundee High School.
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23 January 2015
Jnr School: Scots Language and Culture Competition.

21 January 2015
Jnr School: P6 netball v Fettes. Snr School: 6ths & 7ths prelims begin. 5ths ISCO interviews begin.

20 January 2015
Snr School: 5ths prelims end. Boys Hockey 1st XI, 2nd XI v Fettes.

17 January 2015
7pm Accies Burns Supper.

17 January 2014
Rugby 1st XV, 2nd XV, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2 JA1, JA2, JB1, JB2 v Watson's. Girls Hockey 1st XI, 4ths, 3rds, 2nds v Dunbar. Girls Hockey p5/6 v Compass School. Boys Hockey 1st XI, 2nd XI v Glasgow Academy.
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16 January 2015
6ths Career workshops 2. Piobaireachd Piping Competition.7pm Burns Supper.

15 January 2014
Jnr School: P1 assessments. P6 Swim Gala v Merchiston. Snr School: RAF Flying Leuchars.

14 January 2015
Jnr School: P1 assessments. Snr School: Geits full reports begin. 3rds Parents' evening.

13 January 2015
Jnr School: P1 assessments. Snr School: Geits & 2nds activities begin.

12 January 2015
Jnr School: P1 assessments. Snr School: 5ths prelim begins. PA Reps meeting.

10 January 2015
Rugby 1st XV, U16A, B1, C1, D1 v North Berwick. Rugby 2nd XV, U16B, B2, C2, D2, JA2, JB1 v Kelvinside. Girls Hockey 2nd XI, 4ths, 3rds, 2nds, P5, P6 v Mary Erskine's. Boys Hockey 1st XI, 2nd XI, U15, U13 v Hutchesons.
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8 January 2015
Snr School: Entrance Assessment Day. Scholarship application deadline. No activities. 5ths-7ths Games on. Geits RME trip.

6 January 2015
Spring Term begins for all pupils. Snr School: no activities. 5ths-7ths Games are on.

5 January 2015
Staff In-service day.

24 Dec-5 Jan
School Office closed.

22 Dec - 5 Jan
Holiday Club 3+ to 6 years. 8am-6pm is located in ASC building.

19 December 2014
Jnr School: 9am Nursery Christmas Party. Term finish times: Nursery 1.45pm; P1-2 2pm; P3-6 2.10pm. Snr School:Lunch begins 12.15pm. 2.30-3.30pm Carol Service, St Stephens Centre.

18 December 2014
Jnr School: 1.30pm P1-2 Christmas Party Snr School:Frugal lunch. No Activities or Games.

17 December 2014
Jnr School: Carols by Candlelight Wardie Parish Church. Snr School:Middle Girls Division Basketball (3rds & 4ths).No Games, 3rds & 4ths in Main Hall until 3.30pm. Debating in Geneva trip returns.

16 December 2014
Jnr School: Hopscotch pre-schoolers and P1-6. Snr School:AS Art prelim. Snr Girls Division Basketball (5ths-7ths). No Games or Activities.

15 December 2014
Snr School:AS Art prep (pm). 2.55-3.35pm Christmas Fair, Dining Hall.No CCF or Activities.

14 December 2014
Snr School:Debating in Geneva trip departs.

13 December 2014
4.30pm-7-7.15pm Division Music, Stockbridge Parish Church. Rugby 1st XV, 2nd XV, U16B, B1, C1, D1, D2 v Howe of Fife. Girls Hockey 1st XI, 2nd XI, 4ths, 3rds, 2nds v Trinity.
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12 December 2014
Jnr School: P1-2 Nativity. Snr School:3.40pm-7pm Rehearsals for Division Music, Stockbridge Parish Church. End of 3rds Careers interviews. RAF flying Leuchars.

11 December 2014
Snr School:Boys Division Handball (4ths & 5ths). GCSE Art prelim. Geits Theatre trip.