The Rector works closely with a Senior Management Team (SMT), which shares the collective responsibility for all aspects of School leadership and management.

The SMT Executive consists of:

Rector, Mr Barry Welsh
The Head Teacher of the Junior School, Mr Gavin Calder
The Bursar, Mr Guy Cartwright

In addition, the Junior and Senior Schools have their own Management Teams, made up of:

Senior School

Deputy Rector (Pastoral and Personnel), Mr Michael Bryce
Deputy Rector (Learning and Teaching), Mrs Claire Hancox
Deputy Rector (Director of Studies), Dr Roger Wightman

Junior School

Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Lorna Htet-Khin
Deputy Head Teacher (Admissions, Early Years and Wrap Around Care), Mrs Lesley Paterson

In first instance, if contact with staff is required, please use the following links:

Deputy Rectors’ Office:
Junior School Office:
Bursar’s Office:
Rector’s Office: