Good to Go Prices & Course Selection

Prices and course selection examples

The Good to Go programme offers a number of choices for you to choose from. Select one, two or three core subject Day Courses and supplement them with Supervised Revision and 1–1 Tutorials.

Prices are listed below as well as the ‘shape of the day’ chart and selection examples.

Download the brochure or review the course descriptions and then use the course planner to plan your Good to Go exam revision schedule.

Online booking is now open. Core subject spaces are limited to 7 pupils per course and Supervised Revision sessions are limited to 12 pupils per morning.

If a course is full, please email us with the course name and date and we will contact you if a spot becomes available.



One, two or three day courses £140/day Breakfast, Good to Go well-being discussion, six hours teaching in 1–7 group. Lunch, lunch time activity, summary tea and final Good to Go action points.
Supervision £30/morning Breakfast, Good to Go well-being discussion, three hours supervised ‘revision conditions’, lunch activity. 12 Pupils maximum. Reassurance student is revising constructively.
1–1 tutorial £55/hour One hour arranged at the convenience of teaching availability.
Cancellations   Any cancellation after we have contacted you with three weeks to go will not be refunded.


Shape of the Day

Shape of the Day
8.30–8.55 Good to Go breakfast (e.g. healthy eating, sleep, time management, how to memorise, keeping calm)
9.00–12.00 Core subject (includes 1–1 sessions & appropriate breaks)
Supervised Revision Option
12.00–1.00 Lunch & Activity (e.g. Rounders, mindful colouring, yoga/meditation, gardening, art, book club)
1.00–3.30 Core subject continued (includes: 1–1 sessions & appropriate breaks)
3.30–4.00 Summary Tea (feedback & action points)
4.15–5.15 1–1 Session Option


Selection Examples

Example Choice 1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Maths H (a) Biology H (a) Maths H (b) Biology H (b) Maths H (c)

While taking the 3-day course is potentially possible with other combinations, we suggest splitting as above and allowing timetabling with another 2-day course. Alternating will also be less intense.

Example Choice 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Supervised Revision A.M. Physics H (a) Computer Science H Maths H (b) Computer Sci. N5 (b)
1–1 Biology P.M.