Leavers' Destinations

Destinations of Leavers

At the Edinburgh Academy, we believe our pupils receive an education for life, not simply their next destination. We recognise the critical importance of guiding and supporting our pupils in their choices after leaving School. Our leavers move on to a diverse range of destinations in Higher and Further Education, art and music colleges and the world of work, or seeking adventure during a year out.

Each year the balance of leaver destinations adjusts to reflect the personal interests of pupils moving on. The attached pdf download gives an outline of that balance for our most recent leaver set.

Across a wide range of subject specialisms, approximately two thirds will progress to university courses in Scotland, with our most popular destinations in recent years being St Andrews and Aberdeen universities.

We regularly see pupils enter a range of Russell Group universities across the UK.

A unique opportunity for our leavers intent on an application to Cambridge University, is our Cambridge Scholarship programme, which funds tuition fees in undergraduate courses from between 33–100%.

Year Out

Of those taking a year out, some are travelling and/or working overseas. Australia is again proving a popular destination as well as Europe, South Africa and North America. These experiences will provide an excellent foundation for both further education and the world of work.