Entry requirements differ according to the age of the pupil. Each process is detailed in the sections below.

Accordion Nursery entry (aged 2 upwards)

Our official Open Day takes place in September but visitors are welcome in our Nursery (by appointment) at any time of the year.

Applications can be made at any time and places are allocated according to date of application.

Offers are sent out in the Autumn of the year preceding each child’s entry in August. Places can also be offered out during the year if space is available. Where demand exceeds availability waiting lists operate.


Accordion Junior School entry

A warm welcome awaits all visitors to the Edinburgh Academy Junior School.

Applications can be made at any time but generally all P1 candidates are invited to attend Informal Assessments carried out by our team of Early Years Teachers in early January.

The children think they are playing, but we are observing each child’s communication and language development, as well as some basic numeracy. We do not expect children to be reading and writing at this stage.

Assessments for Primary 2–6 applicants will take place during the Autumn term prior to possible entry the following academic session. At this point children are required to sit an age appropriate academic assessment. Reports are also sought from each child’s previous school.

Assessments outwith these times can be organised at more suitable times.

Children are very welcome to join us for a ‘taster’ day and these can be arranged via our Admissions Team.

Accordion Senior School entry

Applications for entry to Senior School are accepted all year round and the entrance assessments are different depending on age and stage of the applicant.

Transition Phase: Geits (P7) and Seconds (S1)
Both of these are popular entry points into Senior School. The assessment day is in early January but arrangements can be made to sit the assessment at other times if necessary.

Middle Years Phase: Thirds (S2)–Fifths (S4)
During this phase the children finish their general education and choose 8 subjects that they will take on to study at National 5 level. A wide range of subjects are available for selection during this phase. Space in these year groups is limited and can vary depending on choice of subjects.

Senior Years Phase: Sixths (S5) and Sevenths (S6)
The Academy is an attractive option for young people who wish to experience the wide range of subjects available for those sitting Highers and Advanced Highers.

Previous school reports, actual or predicted examination results, and an interview with a member of the Senior Management Team are key elements of assessment for entry to the Senior Years Phase.

Entry into the Senior Years is dependent on a minimum requirement of 5 ‘C’ passes at National 5, GCSE, iGCSE or alternative but equivalent examination systems.