Good to Go Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Three weeks before the course starts you will be asked to list your Good to Go targets, where you can list your areas that you would like to focus.

Where there are two or three days available for a course, teachers have provided a rough guideline of possible areas that they could cover on each day to help you to decide which days to pick, however this really is only a guideline, as their starting point will be the Good to Go targets that you set yourself.

Courses that are only on for one day will be covering content applicable to the pupils concerns so there is no description of content.

Higher Courses

Higher Courses
English Higher
(a) RUAE
(b) Scottish Texts
(c) Critical Essay
Maths Higher
(a) Calculus Skills
(b) Algebraic and Trigonometry Skills
(c) Algebraic and Geometric Skills
Biology Higher
(a) DNA & The Genome
(b) Metabolism & Survival
(c) Sustainability & Interdependence
Physics Higher
(a) Our Dynamic Universe & Electricity
(b) Particles and Waves & Electricity
Chemistry Higher
(a) The Periodic Table
      Bonding and structure
(b) Calculations in Higher chemistry
(c) Oxidation and Reduction
Computer Science Higher
(a) Software Design & Development + Computer Systems
(b) Database Design & Development + Web Design & Development
German Higher
Business Studies Higher

French Higher
The two days will both cover the key skills and knowledge required and will be structured around the needs of the students.


National 5 Courses

National 5 Courses
English Nat 5
(a) RUAE
(b) Critical Reading
Maths Nat 5
(a) Algebraic Skills
(b) Geometric and Trigonometry Skills
(c) Numerical and Stats Skills
Biology Nat 5
(a) Enzymes
(b) Transport Across Cell Membranes
(c) Problem Solving
Chemistry Nat 5
(a) Calculations in National 5 Chemistry
      Chemical Bonding
(b) Nature’s Chemistry
      Metals: Acids and Bases
Computer Science Nat 5
(a) Software Design & Development + Computer Systems
(b) Database Design & Development + Web Design & Development
Physics Nat 5
French Nat 5
German Nat 5


AS/A & GCSE Courses

AS/A & GCSE Courses
Art & Design (AS/A) Art & Design GCSE


Optional Courses

Optional Courses
Supervised Revision 1–1 Sessions