The Crucible - Sylvie Turner

The Crucible was never going to be easy. It’s a hard play and a lot of pressure from peers certainly doesn’t help. The experience was hard to describe, at the beginning we knew it would be hard but we had no idea what was in store. The first rehearsal was, as expected, quite a lot of mucking around and writing in scripts. The play seemed so far away, How could we stress yet? We had ages. As each rehearsal passed, as each night of reading blocking passed, the nerves started to build. The cherry on top was to turn up to a Thursday rehearsal only to realise there was only 2 weeks to the opening night. Panic set in. I looked around at the people chatting and I knew a vast majority of those people didn’t know their lines. I thought about it and, neither did I. Two weeks and I wasn’t nearly ready. But in the end it worked outish. Granted both of the performances were quite a lot of improvisation, though well disguised improvisation. The beginning was difficult, the middle was difficult, the end was difficult. Yet somehow it was all worth it for that walk back to the changing rooms. All worth it for running down the science stairs screaming. The inside jokes, the late nights memorising lines, the ordering pizza. Everything is part of this community. That’s why I take part in plays. The little things.

By Sylvie Turner

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