Support for Learning

Our specialist Support for Learning Team works with children of all abilities; including meeting the needs of the most able as well as those who may be experiencing a barrier to the achieving of their full academic potential. For some support may be temporary whereas for others it is on-going.

The team liaises extensively with all those involved in meeting pupil needs, both in school and, where appropriate, educational psychologists and other relevant professionals. Programmes are then created involving multi-sensory teaching methods and the development of effective strategies for learning. Support may then be provided through withdrawal from class for a limited period each week or through cooperative teaching whereby a number of pupils may be supported in the classroom in key curricular areas.

A number of our pupils are working through the medium of English as a second language. Through our ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) programme children follow a course based on topics of general interest at an appropriate level in terms of grammar and vocabulary. Senior pupils are entered for examinations in the English Language such as those offered by the International English Language Testing System as well as the SQA Higher ESOL in order to qualify for university entrance.