Pastoral Care

The happy and co-operative atmosphere is what strikes most visitors to the Edinburgh Academy. Our visitors often comment on the positive relationships that exist between staff and pupils which is born out of mutual respect and common goals. Certainly the size of the school, as well as the way in which it operates, helps all our pupils feel known and valued as individuals.

In seeking to ensure that all of our pupils feel safe and confident in an ever-changing world, we have a strong pastoral team operating on a ‘horizontal’ system. Overseen by the Deputy Rector (Pastoral Care), each pupil has a Head and Assistant Head of Year as well as a Classteacher who provides extended front line support. There are regular and detailed consultations on the progress of each child. Personal programmes and targets are set and achievements are both carefully monitored and appropriately celebrated. Where necessary our dedicated Learning Support staff will be involved in this process.

Health and Wellbeing Education is integrated within the Senior School timetable. However, we also have a dedicated weekly PSHE lesson. Here we cover topic areas that include relationship and developmental education, careers guidance and the increasingly complex area of e-safety.

An additional layer of support is also available in the younger years with a group of older pupils selected to act as class mentors. They play a valuable role in helping pupils with everything from finding their way round the school when they are new to working out how to solve problems in mathematics.