Middle Years

The Middle Years covers a key phase in a pupil’s progression through the Senior School. The 3rds classroom experience maintains the great breadth from 2nds, allowing pupils to experience the full range of the curriculum before choosing their eight National 5 subjects for 4ths and 5ths. With an eye on this choice, in 3rds we begin with our first individual careers interviews, backed up by presentations and workshops to aid the decision making process.

Beyond the curriculum, the introduction of the ‘Friend Support Group’ provides a forum in which pupils are encouraged to highlight and discuss issues that affect the day to day lives of their year group. This group encourages an increased level of responsibility for those pupils who wish to be involved, whilst also fostering a caring atmosphere within the year group.

In 4ths the demands of the academic programme does require an increased level of focus and commitment, however the continuation of an extensive co-curricular programme, combined with the introduction of Combined Cadet Force and The Duke of Edinburgh scheme provides an opportunity for a varied and balanced experience.

Our 5ths is about much more than completing National 5 assessments and exams, though they are important! We continue to value (and expect) pupil involvement in our co-curricular programme. Our Careers Department has increasing contact with pupils, not just in helping them to explore subject choice for Highers and their career aspirations, but also through engagement in the Futurewise careers programme.