Learning and Teaching

The attributes of an Academy Learner are that they will be Independent; Resilient; Curious; Creative and Collaborative.

At the Academy we aim to help all of our pupils to follow their own preferred educational path and Learning and Teaching is central to all that we do both in and out of the classroom. Through our inspiring teaching, we build on the high expectations of our Junior School in the General Phase of Senior School running from Geits until the end of Thirds (S2). Throughout this phase we combine rigour in the traditional academic subjects with highly creative experiences in subjects like Art, Drama, Music and Design Technology.

The curriculum is based on the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and seeks to give our youngsters the intellectual skills and habits to be able to solve problems, develop arguments and hypothesise coherently and imaginatively. Our small classes allow us to get to know the preferred learning styles of each individual pupil and to embrace these fully.

At the end of thirds (S2) our pupils are given guidance in selecting a broad choice of subjects for further study. Most follow eight subjects including Maths and English and at least one Foreign Language; a Science and a Social Subject. These choices lead to the National 4 and 5 qualifications (the majority at National 5).

Our Senior Years are geared towards studying for SQA Highers and Advanced Highers* and our results in these examinations are amongst the best in the country.

(*A Level is our preferred option in Art and Design)