Transition Years Geits (P7) and 2nds (S1)

The Senior School journey starts with our unique Geits (P7) experience. The Geits year group is housed in our Geits Base in the Senior School campus and this provides a seamless transition experience for all, whether newly joining the Academy or coming up from our own Junior School. Here the children can ‘grow’ as Senior School pupils under the guidance of a dedicated team of teachers and support staff who get to know them well as individuals. They are encouraged to further develop a breadth of interests and to tackle life in a determined and resilient manner.

In the same way as in any traditional primary school, the children are based in their own classrooms for all non-specialist subjects. What is different is that the children are taught a wide variety of extra subjects by Senior School specialist teachers, including Science, Creative Arts and several languages, both classical and modern.

The Geits experience allows the children an opportunity to settle seamlessly into Secondary School life prior to the more common entry point at Senior 1 (2nds).

2nds (S1) is another popular and effective entry point into school life at the Edinburgh Academy. New pupils are welcomed into the Academy family where the full secondary school experience begins with a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular experiences.