Exam Results 2017


The nervous wait is over, and our pupils from 5ths–7ths (S4–S6) have received their exam results, whether they were at National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher and also at A Level. Our pupils are celebrating a record-breaking set of SQA exam results and should be enormously proud of their hard work and commitment to their studies over the course of this last academic Session.
This is our third year of delivering a wide range of Advanced Higher qualification and our results are the best on record so far. Our 7ths students (S6) gained 53% ‘A’ grades, 86% ‘A/B’ and 95% ‘A–C’. 9 students gained 3 ‘A’ grades at Advanced Higher – a significant achievement. The Advanced Higher qualification provides our students with the opportunity to extend their studies with independent research projects, requiring greater planning and analysis, and this qualification is an excellent preparation for university.
But celebrations were not isolated in our senior year. The 6ths (S5) year group were also very successful and can look forward to their final year at school with a great deal of confidence, having secured university entry level grades already in many cases. Most pupils in our 6th Year take five Highers. Of the overall grades achieved, 57% were at ‘A’ grade, 83% at A/B and 94% at ‘A–C’. 10 of our pupils gained 5 A grades or better at their Highers. This is the second highest set of results at Highers in the last ten years – again, a reflection of the hard work and commitment from this year group. For our students in both the 6ths and 7ths, who blended their SQA courses with Art or Modern Language A Level courses, their grades were enhanced with the addition of some excellent results too in those areas of study.
At the Academy our desire is to encourage breadth with an academically challenging curriculum of eight National 5 exams. In our first year of sitting a full National 5 diet we are exceptionally pleased with the results. Of all the exams sat, 67% were at ‘A’ grade, 86% were ‘A/B’ and 95% were between ‘A–C’ – a wonderful achievement from our young students. A quarter of the year group gained eight ‘A’ grades in their exams.
Our pupils, therefore, can be proud of their significant achievements and feel confident that they have laid some very strong foundations for future successes.

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