Edinburgh Competition Festival

On Friday 15th March, three ensembles represented the Edinburgh Academy in the Edinburgh Competition Festival. Their competition was an accomplished String quartet comprising of students from ESMS and George Heriot’s school. 

The Saxophone ensemble gave an engaging performance of Amazing grace with every member taking a solo phrase throughout the work. They were commended on their excellent intonation and ensemble skills as well as each player being complimented on their individual solos. The clarinet ensemble showed themselves to be sophisticated players with ‘excellent listening and communication skills’ and particular note was made of their crisp articulation and effective tempo. The trio of EA musicians compromising of Voice, Clarinet and Piano were commended for their balance, rich blended tone and accomplished interpretation. 

All three Edinburgh Academy ensembles were awarded an ‘EXCELLENT’ mark and the clarinet ensemble won the class over all with our trio awarded a well-deserved Second. 

Principal clarinet, Alex Coli said ‘it was a great and enjoyable opportunity to play music with friends’ and saxophonist Toby Santry said ‘this was my first time playing chamber music and I loved being part of a team to make the music work. It’s really opened my ears to how important everyone’s individual line is.’

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