Geits, Seconds & Thirds

In the curriculum in the early years at the Senior School, the theme is very much on breadth and opportunity. The subject groupings that define the curriculum at primary level begin to divide into discrete subject areas: in addition to the core subjects of English and Maths, French is taught in Geits, with options coming in for Mandarin, Spanish and German as a second language, Expressive Arts divide into Art, Drama and Music, science divides into Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Social Sciences becomes History and Geography and Religious Education, and other subjects such as Design Technology, Computing, PE, and Classics will all appear on the timetable. For our Geits (P7), their base is the locus for all the non-practical subjects, whilst those needing practical facilities are taught in the relevant department.


Fourths & Fifths

In our Fourths and Fifths, pupils will study 8 subjects at National 5 level, with the main assessments for these taking place in summer term of Fifths. All pupils are expected to follow the core requirements of English, Maths, a modern language and a science. We then recommend that pupils complete the balance by adding one social subject (e.g. Geography, History, Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies or Economics), and a creative subject (e.g. Art & Design, Drama, Music, PE) or a technical subject (e.g. Business Management, Computing Science, Design and Manufacture). They can then add two further subjects of their choice: they can take two modern languages if they wish, or they can study all three sciences. We strive hard to offer everyone curricular breadth, balance and opportunity, though some degree of specialism is inevitable.

4ths–5ths Curricular Guide 2019–21


Sixths & Sevenths

In these years our older pupils engage in courses which are increasingly specialised, and in some cases vocational, in preparation for higher education and working life. Building on the foundation of National 5s in Fifths, most of our pupils will progress to take 5 Highers in Sixths. In Sevenths, the option is to progress with 3 (or, exceptionally, 4) subjects on to Advanced Higher, or to take further Highers. In Art & Design, we choose to deliver the A-level rather than the Advanced Higher. Our senior school timetable allows to pupils to mix these qualifications, and with advice from our Careers Department, tailor the curriculum to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual.

6th Form Curricular Guide 2019–21