Richard McLauchlan

Member of Education and Policy Committee

Length of Service: Since 2019

Richard attended the Academy from nursery to Sevenths, and followed this with degrees at the universities of St Andrews and Cambridge. His doctoral work on the poetry of R. S. Thomas was published as Saturday’s Silence in 2016.

In 2015, Richard co-founded Light Up Learning, an educational charity that works in state schools within Edinburgh and the Lothians. The charity provides one-on-one mentoring to young people at risk of disengagement from education and offers a weekly space for them to explore their own interests in a fun and pressure-free environment. The object of the charity is to ignite a love of learning that will reengage young people in education and open doors for their future.

Richard continues to write, and is currently collaborating with the corporate financier John Campbell OBE to produce a book on arguably the greatest of all Academicals, Viscount Haldane of Cloan (EA 1866–72). Beyond his charitable and literary endeavours, Richard enjoys ambling along beaches and attempting to learn languages that no-one speaks anymore. One day he hopes to combine these two activities and save himself some time.

Richard McLauchlan
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