Dr Roger Wightman

Deputy Rector (Director of Studies)

SMT Senior School – With a background in industry as a Geologist, Roger came into the teaching profession as a physicist, more committed to teaching pupils than teaching his subject! He quickly moved into pastoral support and was Year Head for Middle Years and then Director of Sixth Form at the Academy before being appointed as Deputy Rector (Director of Studies). With a responsibility covering the school’s curriculum, public exams, pupil subject choice and the timetable, his mantra has been to avoid falling into “eduspeak”, to adopt a common sense approach to curricular decisions and to keep, at the very heart of all things, a firm focus on individual pupils and their needs. He’s also learned that most problems can be solved with a good spreadsheet! Out of school Roger has had a life-long love of rugby, enjoys music (particularly jazz) and relishes the challenges of the great outdoors.

Dr Roger Wightman
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