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Junior School & Nursery Virtual Open Day

Thank you for joining us

This is your VIP pass to the Edinburgh Academy Junior School & Nursery with an inside look at the EA experience. To continue the conversation or book a bespoke tour, please get in touch with our Admissions Team who will be delighted to answer your questions. In addition, the Headteacher is happy to meet on Zoom or Teams to discuss how EA can best provide a first-class education for your child.

The Edinburgh Academy Admissions Team
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Frequently asked questions

How is the School addressing Covid-19?

Pupil safety is the highest priority at the Edinburgh Academy. An advantage of being a relatively small school is that pupils are working in year-group ‘bubbles’ in specially created year-group bases. When using specialist classrooms (Science, Music, Art) we ensure that these spaces are cleaned carefully and resources are kept separate for each year-group. Students enter/exit the building at separate locations and learn and play in designated areas. We are making use of every room available to ensure that we minimise when year-group overlap. Hand sanitation stations have been installed in multiple outdoor locations on both campuses and there is an enhanced cleaning regime. Should there be another lockdown, we will transition smoothly to an online/distance learning system of lessons and schoolwork delivered using Firefly, our Virtual Learning Environment, supported by Microsoft Teams and Showbie.

How do I apply?

To apply, simply complete our Online Application Form.

A non-refundable registration fee of £70 is required. On receipt of the completed Application Form the Admissions Team will acknowledge receipt by email and an invitation will then be sent to your son/daughter to attend the relevant assessment day.

What are the main entry points to the Academy?

The main entry points are Nursery, Primary 1, Geits (P7), 2nds (S1), 4ths (S3) 6ths (S5).

When are the Junior School & Nursery Assessment Dates?


Assessments: No assessment. Applications are ordered by date of application, taking into account if there are any connections to the school (sibling already in school or family members past pupils).

Offers: October prior to the year of entry

Primary 2–6: Saturday 27 November 2021

Assessments: English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning

Offers (by email): Following assessments (December 2021)

Primary 1: Wednesday 5 January 2022

Assessments: The Primary 1 assessments are conducted on a one-to-one basis with one of our early years specialists. They will evaluate how ready your child is for starting school. Your child will be shown pictures and objects to see how much they know and understand. Some simple numeracy tasks will take place, involving shapes and sequencing. Although we do not expect the children to be able to read at this stage, some recognition of letters or simple words might be an advantage, such as writing their name. Good pencil control and being able to draw simple shapes and copy patterns will help, too.

Offers (by email): Thursday 3 February 2022

Keep informed of Key Assessment Dates.

Is bursary support available?

If you wish to apply for bursary support please tick the relevant section on the Application Form. This will be acknowledged on receipt of application and a bursary form will be sent to you later in the Autumn Term for completion.

Bursaries are normally prioritised for Senior School Years (Geits–7ths). Special consideration may be given for support in the Junior School depending on the availability of funds.

What are the fees?

2nds to 7ths


Geits (P7)


P5 to P6


P3 to P4


P1 to P2


Nursery: Maple, Rowan & Spruce Rooms (3–5 year olds)




Mornings Only (min of 5 mornings)


Nursery: Beech Room (Rising 3 year olds)




Mornings Only (min of 5 mornings)


Nursery: Willow Room (2 year olds)




5 Mornings


4 Mornings


3 Mornings


2 Mornings (min of 2 mornings)


The minimum attendance requirement for Maple, Spruce, Rowan and Beech rooms is five mornings. Willow is a minimum of two mornings.

For parents wishing a combination, for example 5 Mornings and 3 Afternoons, the Fees will be calculated on a Pro Rata basis.

For more information on Fees, please visit the Fees page.

Is there a school bus?

All bus routes and times are reviewed on an annual basis and may be subject to change. Our current routes are:

  • Eskbank – Southside (morning route)
  • North Berwick (morning and evening route)
  • Waverley Station (evening route)
  • Winchburgh – Barnton (morning route)

Should you require more information, please contact our Admissions Team who will direct you to our Bus coordinator.

What is the school roll?

The Edinburgh Academy currently has 1171 pupils in total.

Senior School: 665

Junior School: 405

Nursery: 101

What co-curricular activities are available in the Junior School?

The Edinburgh Academy prides itself on offering an extensive variety of co-curricular activities to ensure the holistic development of the children. The following links will guide you to a comprehensive section on our website.

Some of the co-curricular activities available in the Junior School include: Gardening; Musical Theatre; Wind Band; Strings Group; Cross Country; Football; Arts and Crafts. Children can also volunteer to play an active part of the school community as part of the Eco Committee, Charities Committee, Pupil Council or Junior Librarian Club.

For more information please visit our Co-curricular and Life at EA pages.

Are scholarships available for Junior School pupils?

Scholarship opportunities at the Edinburgh Academy are available to both internal and external candidates. They have been carefully designed to align with our goal that pupils are supported and challenged in developing as independent, curious, creative, collaborative and resilient learners.

More information on our Scholarships page.

What does the curriculum look like in Nursery & Junior School?


Our Nursery curriculum is based on experiential learning through play and every aspect of Nursery life was rated as ‘Excellent’ against every quality indicator by the Care Inspectorate when they last visited. Our outdoor provision is particularly impressive; both in terms of our formal play areas and our gardening plots. Our Forest School was one of the first in Scotland and we are constantly innovating to ensure that we remain well ahead of other schools in terms of outdoor learning in the Early Years. Parents can have peace of mind that each child’s transition from infancy to formal school takes place in a warm, caring environment where the need of each individual child is of paramount importance.

Junior School

In the Junior School we embrace the principles behind the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. We use a variety of teaching methodologies and technologies coupled with good old-fashioned academic rigour to ensure that our children are stimulated and fully equipped to meet the challenges of 21st Century life. From the off in Primary 1 our superb class teachers provide our children with a very strong start to their educational journey in our bright and airy Early Years Department – affectionately known as Denham Green. Specialist teaching is provided in PE, Music and Modern Foreign Languages at this stage. In addition, we are the only school in the south of Scotland offering specialist experiential Science teaching in a dedicated lab from Primary 1. Art is added as a specialist subject in Primary 3.

Drama is embraced and the size of the school means that every child participates in at least one production annually. In meeting our responsibility of preparing our children for the future, we make intelligent use of technology throughout the Junior School and from Primary 3 every child is using an iPad on a 1:1 basis across many different areas of the curriculum. This said, the tablet is used when it is the best way to deliver the curriculum and stimulate the children. We are committed to ensuring that the children are exposed to a huge array of media in Art; myriad sports in PE; fantastic music making or simply enjoy the pleasure of reading a proper book in our beautiful purpose-built library. We make imaginative use of trips both near and far in our curriculum. These include the Primary 3 trip to York as part of their Viking study, Primary 4 visiting Broomlee in West Linton for an outdoor experience, Primary 5 having a week of Jacobite learning in Perthshire and Primary 6 adding to their learning about World War II and Anne Frank in Holland.

What do the Junior School & Nursery days look like?


Start time: 8.30am–9.00am

Finish time (Morning session): 12.00 noon

Finish time (Full day): 3.00pm

Visit our Day in the Life Nursery page for more information.

Junior School

Start time: 8.25am–8.45am

Finish time (P1&2): 2.50pm

Finish time (P3–6): 3.25pm

Visit our Day in the Life pages for more information, starting with Denham Green (P1&2).

Is there a Parent Community at the Academy?

Parent involvement is key to maintaining a strong community at the Academy. The Edinburgh Academy Association of Parents and Friends acts as a focal point for the Academy community. It was set up with the intention of facilitating communication between and amongst the School, the parents and the pupils; of fundraising for the School; and of generally channelling the energy, skills and enthusiasm of the parent body to the benefit of the School. A number of social events are organised by the committee each year. There is also a system of parent representatives, the aim being that each class has a Rep. The duties of the Rep include arranging at least one social event at the beginning of the year for parents of pupils in their class, and assisting in and selling tickets for events arranged by the committee. There is a meeting of class Reps with members of the Senior Management Team each term, usually on the first Monday of every term, to allow issues to be discussed. All parents are encouraged to become involved in the Association, whether as a class representative or on the committee.

Details of current committee members can be found on the Parent Community page of our website. All meetings are publicised in the School Weekly News Sheet.

How will my child be supported at the Junior School if they have learning support requirements?

In collaboration with the class teachers, the Additional Support for Learning Department monitors every child’s academic and emotional development as they progress through the School. Many children, from the very able to those with specific learning difficulties, benefit from additional support, which may be needed for only a few weeks or for a longer extended period.

On entry to the School in Primary 1, all children are given a Baseline Assessment and subsequent support is designed to reinforce the teaching of phonics, reading and writing for those identified as likely to benefit from specific support. This support may be offered within the classroom or as part of a smaller Focus Group in a different setting. At the end of Primary 1, all children are reassessed and some children will be offered additional support through participation in our Primary 2 Intensive Reading Programme. Children in Primary 2–6 may also receive support in a Focus Group or in class.

Parents can refer pupils to the department for assessment at any time. Once any specific needs are identified, we can plan support in a number of ways. This may include working alongside parents and teachers in an advisory capacity, team teaching, individual, or small group tuition. Occasionally, parents may be advised to seek further guidance or support from external agencies. Over the years the Additional Support Team build up a very detailed profile of the child. Our key aims are to nurture positive self-esteem and to help children to develop resilience and independence so that they can approach challenges having confidence in their strategies and own abilities.

For further Information see our Individual Support page.

What trips are available in the Junior School?

Education outside the classroom can be pursued through either day trips or residential visits, each quite different but equally valid.

At present we use Belmont in Meigle and Broomlee near West Linton. These are run by Scottish Outdoor Education Centres.

In Primary 4 the children attend a residential camp where they are given activities that are designed around the building of resilience, trust and independence through educational experiences in the outdoors. The children stay away for two nights.

In Primary 5 the children attend a history themed camp linking to their Jacobite Social Studies topic. They travel to Killiecrankie, experience Jacobite cooking, the Culloden Charge and much more. The children are away for three nights.

Primary 3 link studies of their Viking topic with a daytrip by train to York. They visit the Jorvik Centre and also have a hands-on experience at the archaeology centre, DIG.

Our Primary 6s go to Noordwijk, Holland in June as a finale to their Junior School experience. We do this to give the children a very different sort of experience from that of Primary 5. The trip entails travelling further afield by ferry and experiencing a different culture. The trip fits in with their work on World War 2 and includes a visit to the Anne Frank House & Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam. There is also a unique opportunity to spend a day in a Primary School in Holland, where the children can forge new friendships and finally meet the pen pal with whom they have been communicating throughout the year.

What wraparound care is available in the Junior School?

Pupils using our Before and After School/Wrap-around Care Service may arrive in School from 8.00am onwards. An Early Birds Club is provided for Nursery (age 3 plus) to P6. Nursery and P1 children will be looked after in the After School Club on the floor above the Nursery and P2–6 will be supervised in the Sports Centre. The school doors open at 8.25am.

Starting at 7.45am, a Breakfast Service is available in the Dining Hall. Children from P3 may come unaccompanied but younger children should be supervised until finishing breakfast whereupon they should be accompanied to Early Birds or School, depending on the time.

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