Supporting EAF

There are a number of ways in which you can support the Foundation; and a variety of funds to donate to. We sincerely appreciate every single donation, no matter the amount, whether they are made as a one-off, monthly, or annual gift.

Financial donations can be as specific as you like; if there is a particular area you would like your gift to benefit, then that’s exactly where we will put it. Take a look at our current funds:

Accordion Annual Fund

We provide a well-rounded and fulfilling education for our pupils, so it is only right all areas of School life benefit from our Annual Fund; covering Academic, Sports and Co-curricular activities. Our Annual Fund exists to react to the immediate needs of the School; ranging from additional Support for Learning materials, new equipment for Sport, Drama and Music, to extra supplies for School trips. Donating to our Annual Fund means your generous gift is unrestricted and can be allocated to the area of greatest need without delay.

Accordion Scholarships & Bursaries

Bursarial support is targeted at pupils in S1 (Geits) and above. 73 pupils receive bursarial support but we want to do much more. Currently 5.2% of the Schools gross income is applied to bursary candidates and the greater part of this funding is allocated to those receiving in excess of 40% assistance. Regular giving to this fund ensures that current and future pupils, financially constrained or whose circumstances have changed, are able to join or remain at EA to complete their schooling.

All contributions to our bursary fund are welcome and appreciated, and really do make a difference.

Accordion Spirit of Adventure

Established in 2013, our Spirit of Adventure fund exists to support and expand our Outdoor Education provision. This includes Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions, Outward Bound courses, our Sailing Club and Climbing Wall; all of which present new and challenging opportunities for our pupils, and push them beyond their usual limits.

Something which we believe is hugely important not only during their time at the Academy but for their life after school. Gifts made to the Spirit of Adventure are restricted and will only be used for Outdoor Education activities and equipment.

Accordion The 2024 Club

2024 marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Edinburgh Academy and we have ambitious plans for the development of the School campus in time for the bicentenary, plans which we feel both honour and build on the School’s original vision.

Working together we can make a big impact and to mark this bicentenary the 2024 Club was created for those who would like to make a regular, manageable, monthly donation. If you pledge to donate £20.24 a month from now till the School’s bicentenary your gift will add up to over £2000 by 2024. If 200 individuals join our 2024 Club, we will raise just over £500,000 in time for our 200th anniversary.


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