Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships are normally awarded at current 3rds (S2) moving to 4ths (S3) and current 5ths (S4) moving to 6ths (S5). The main sports are rugby, cricket, hockey and athletics.

The Academy will do everything in its power to help sports scholars to develop their talents and achieve high levels of success. Coaching in major sports at The Academy is of a very high standard, and over the years a great many Academy pupils have gone on to represent their country at senior level. In 2004, Tom Philip became the 100th Edinburgh Academical to play international rugby, and the school has produced oarsmen, amateur golf champions, distinguished cricketers and athletes.

What scholarships are available?

Sports Scholarships are normally awarded at 4ths (S3) and 6ths (S5). The main sports are rugby, cricket, hockey and athletics. Additionally, enquiries will be considered in sailing, skiing, squash, tennis, golf, fencing, badminton and basketball. Ability in a second sport may also be considered in support of an application for a sports scholarship. The awards are made initially for two years; their continuation being based on satisfactory progress and commitment shown to sports in curricular or co-curricular activities.

Application Process

Successful candidates for school sports scholarships are likely to have reached, or have the potential to reach, at least district level in their chosen sport. They will be able to contribute fully to the sporting life of the school in at least two out of three terms annually. They will compete for the school and not for their club or other representative side when required by the Director of Sport. They will be an excellent role model for other pupils with their sportsmanship and sense of fair play. 

Candidates for school sports scholarships have no written sports examination; candidates will be assessed on interview and practical assessment in which applicants for school sports scholarships will undergo a series of physical tests and participate in their best activities. Candidates will be interviewed by members of the PE department in the Spring Term. Candidates should be completely familiar with rules, tactics and training regimes of their own sports. They should bring their kit and equipment. Overseas candidates will be required to submit written evidence supported by testimonials.

School sports Scholarship Awards are made on the same basis as Academic Scholarships. External candidates for school sports scholarships must also sit the Entrance Examination. These examinations take place in February.

Amount of Award

School sports scholarship awards are made primarily with the purpose of promoting and recognising high achievement. Awards can be supplemented by bursaries to the value of full school fees subject to proven financial need and the terms of our Bursaries Scheme. In appropriate cases up to 100% of tuition fees may be covered where parental means would otherwise be insufficient to meet the fees.

4ths (S3) school sports scholarships

Candidates for school sports scholarships are expected to show excellence in sports. By excellence we mean surpassing what is expected of your age group. In individual sports such as tennis this might mean being able to compete comfortably against those a year or two older than yourself. In team sports to have gained representative honours at county, regional or national level would be an advantage.

6ths (S5) school sports scholarships

At this level applicants for school sports scholarships will probably be expected to have secured representative honours. Performance records should be provided, and in season candidates may be required to demonstrate their abilities in a demanding game or with a high quality individual performance during the application process.

Scholarships in team games

Applicants for school sports scholarships should show a high level of personal fitness. Rugby scholars and hockey scholars are expected to display outstanding play. Cricket scholars might ideally show ability with both bat and ball, or else combine one of these with ability in fielding, though excellence in one area only is acceptable. Equivalent standards are expected of candidates for sports scholarships in other team sports.

Scholarships in individual sports

Applicants for school sports scholarships should be prepared in season to demonstrate their abilities to the satisfaction of Edinburgh Academy games coaches or in competition with existing Academy players. Out of season candidates for sports scholarships should produce evidence of their best performances of the previous season.


Applications to join us at The Edinburgh Academy are warmly welcomed. Full details of how to apply are contained in the Admissions Handbook. Application forms to join the Senior School can be dowloaded from our Admissions page and Scholarship application forms can be requested from Jackie Murray Brown (tel 0131 624 4987, email Admissions).


New pupils applying to the Senior School and current pupils in the Senior School are welcome to apply to be considered for a Scholarship award.

A separate application is required for Art, Music and Sport.